To get a better flavour of what we do and who we do it for check out our list of gigs below (follow links to find pics, videos and testimonials from each client):


Exploring and developing fresh new strategies and operations plus other stuff.

The Gates Foundation (July 2011)
Roundtable discussion with the executive members of the Education team.

Brighton Uni Youth Work Lecturers Consulting (May 2011)
A half day with the youth work department steering them through all things social.

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (Feb 2011)
A day of strategic steering plus hands-on exploration of social spaces and content creation.

Wales Millennium Centre (Jul 2010)
Full on day with senior management right through with programming and marketing personnel.

Thurrock Integrated Youth Services (May 10)
Start of our eleven day consulting tenure.

Laurea University Lecture (Apr 10)
Working with the internal marketing team on thier specific use of social media and the opportunities it affords.

Breeze Leeds (end of 2009)
Several sessions skilling up the people and partners involved in this great youth card scheme.

Vistage (end of 2009)
Rolling consulting tenure with the UK office of Vistage International, the world's foremost chief executive leadership organisation.

Parehua (Oct 09)
Internal session with a luxury country estate in Wairarapa, NZ.

Eskills UK (Apr 09)
Assisting in the development and exploration of a social media strategy.

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (Sept 08)
One off roundtable consulting session regarding use of online platforms internally and externally.

Kings Place (Sept 08 onwards)
Developing the opportunities social media can bring to their venue and operations.

Everyman and Playhouse Theatre (Sept-Oct 08)
Creating fresh uses of social media to promote a specific youth productions.

Oxfordshire County Council (Nov 07)
Exploring new media and technology opportunities with their youth service.

Music4U (Nov 07)
Reviewing current online operations and providing forward strategies.

Maverick Television (Nov 07)
Assisting in idea development for new youth-focussed multi-media project.


MediaSnackers delivers training in new media/technology for young people, youth professionals and corporate clients.

Youth Professionals

RCT Inset Training (Mar 10)

WAG: Entrepreneurial Champions (Mar 10)

Guernsey Youth Service (Mar 09)

Milton Keynes Youth Service (Nov 08)

West Sussex Youth Service (July 08)

Make Your Mark (May 08)

Make Your Mark (Apr 08)

Mencap (Feb 08)

Make Your Mark (Sept 07)

London Gifted & Talented (Sept 07)

SEEDA (July 07)

British Youth Council (Feb 07)

Creative Partnerships South West (Dec 06)

North East Regional Youth Work Unit (Sept 06)

Young People

Global Threads NW (June 2010)

Galway, EO Teilifis (Mar 2010)

Wandsworth IYS (July 09)

Street Athletics 09 (July 09)

Hamble College (June 09)

Street Athletics 08 (June 08)

Bradford Youth Summit (Jan 08)

Digital Media Literacy Summit (Nov 07)

London Gifted and Talented (Nov 07)

Showcomotion Childrens Media Conference (July 07)

5th World Summit on Media for Children (Mar 07)

Youth Action Network (Aug 06)

INSET (Teacher Training)

Rhondda Cynon Taff (Mar 10)

Ulearn 09 (Oct 09)

Silverdale School (Nov 08)

Wigan Pfs (July 08)

Saint Olave’s Grammar School (June 08)

Teach First (July 07)

Corporate Clients

The Gates Foundation (July 2011)

UNICEF (May 11)

Welsh Assembly Government (Mar 11)

Vistage Speaking Group#41 (Mar 11)

Portsmouth City Council (Mar 11)

Clifton Club (Feb 11)

Vistage Speaking Group#64 (Feb 11)

Vistage Speaking Group#102 (Jan 11)

Vistage Speaking Group#19 (Jan 11)

Local Government Association (Jan 11)

Cyfle TV (Oct 10)

Vistage Speaking Group#46 (Oct 10)

DLR Group (Sept 2010)

Arad Goch Training (Apr 10)

Vistage Speaking Group#33 (Mar 10)

Vistage Speaking Group#39 (Feb 10)

Vistage Speaking Group#2 (Feb 10)

Vistage Speaking Group#42 (Jan 10)

Breeze Leeds (Sept 09)

Cyfle (Aug 09)

JuniorSenior Masterclass (Jun 09)

Cultivate (Jan 09)

NESTA (Mar 08)

E-skills UK (Nov 07)

Audiences London (June 07)

Channel 4 (Apr 07 & June 07)

Audiences Yorkshire (Apr 07)

BBC (Nov 06 & Mar 07)


Need to engage the whole company / organisation? We can do that to:

South Dublin County Council (June 2010)

JG Communication (Jan 2010 in Sweden)

BT (Feb 09)


MediaSnackers has been privileged to speak at many events and conferences on a variety of new media and youth-related topics.

It’s MediaSnackers policy not to speak for free (especially if people have to pay to attend the event). However, if we like you or what you’re doing we might be able to work something out.

The Gates Foundation (July 2011)
A talk for the whole of the educational team in Seattle, USA.

National Speakers Association NZ | Christchurch (July 2011)
Discussing social media and how it can help in the speaking profession.

The Theatrical Management Association Conference (May 2011)
Afternoon keynote for the annual conference of venue-based arts and cultural leaders.

Online Marketing Conference & Exhibition 2011 (Mar 2011)
Making the business case to over 300 business people at this East Midlands Event.

Cable Congress 2011 (Feb 2011)
Giving an overview of social strategy for cable providers in Lucerne, Switzerland

Digital Inclusion Wales 2010 (Dec 2010)
A couple of masterclasses at this Welsh Assembly Government funded event.

Taking The Lead (Nov 2010)
Community leaders workshop for Portsmouth City Council.

Marketing The Art Of (Nov 2010)
Workshop at this very popular annual North East event.

Foundation for International Education (Oct 2010)
Delivering a lecture to an international group of students.

Wiltshire (Oct 2010)
Closing keynote for the launch of Wiltshire’s community plan event.

CEFPI (Sept 2010)
Pre-conference workshop with school design architects in San Jose.

Lavacon (Sept 2010)
Another pre-conference workshop for executives and business owners at Lavacon in San Diego.

Radio Taxi’s (Sept 2010)
Internal session with green taxi outfit in London.

Shift Happens : ALT Shift (July 10) Keynoting the second day.

Y Touring Masterclass (June 2010)
Internal masterclass for Central YMCA’s award winning theatre company.

World Summit on Media for Children and Youth 2010 (Jun 10)
Second World Summit and delivering a couple of breakout sessions.

Trends in Kids and Youth Marketing (June 2010)
One of the keynoters for the 19th year of this Amsterdam-based conference.

Microdrainage (May 10)
Internal session with this software manufacturer.

Laurea University Lecture (Apr 10)
Speaking to several classes and professors.

Multiplatform Symposium 2010 (Apr 10)
Quick talk on the changes in media landscape.

Flux500 Workshop (Mar 2010)
Leading a workshop for enterprise educators.

Trac Cymru (Mar 2010)
Last event speaker for a bunch of folk musicians and event organisers.

Galway, EO Teilifis (Mar 2010)
Presentation and masterclass to educators and media folks.

Rethinking Youth Culture Talk (Feb 10)
Closing presentation as part of this academic seminar.

Thurrock Youth Service (Nov 09)
Two masterclasses for the internal integrated services conference.

Wales Arts Marketing Symposium (Nov 09)
Closing keynote for this Arts Council Wales annual event.

Ulearn 09 (Oct 09)
Keynote plus masterclass for this conference in Christchurch, NZ.

Global Education Centre (Oct 09)
Combined presentation and masterclass in Wellington, NZ.

Palmerston North Library (Oct 09)
Quick talk to the whole staff and then a masterclass to the internal website development team for this library in NZ.

Welsh Assembly Government (July 09)
A quick masterclass to the educational ambassadors to round their internal event off.

Shift Happens 2.0 (June 09)
Keynoting the second day of this cultural conference.

Glasgow Grows Audiences Conference (June 09)
A couple of masterclasses at this arts focussed event.

BT Expedite (May 09)
Two masterclasses for executives at this retail conference.

Celtic Media Festival (Mar 09)
Presenting on the changes in the media landscape on behalf of S4C.

Philip Lawrence Ambassadors (Mar 09)
A short presentation plus masterclass to illustrate the uses of social media.

Association British Orchestras (Mar 09)
A masterclass for their annual conference.

Jersey Youth Service (Feb 09)
A masterclass for the islands area youth workers.

Somerset Connexions Conference (Feb 09)
Two masterclass sessions for a county-wide event.

Jersey Education Sport and Culture Department (Feb 09)
Speaking again for the rest of the teaching body who missed us last time we were on the island.

S4C (Jan 09)
An internal masterclass for a cross department team at the Welsh channel

Comptia (Dec 08)
Internal masterclass for Comptia team.

Mark 9 (Dec 08)
One of the keynoters for the youth section of the national annual Istanbul marketing conference

New generation, new media, new challenge! (Nov 08)
Two masterclasses at this event

Infusion Conference (Nov 08)
One of the keynoters for this annual Amsterdam marketing event

Milton Keynes Youth Service (Oct 08)
Keynoting plus a masterclass for the staff conference

Young People, Mobile and Internet Technologies (Oct 08)
Back-to-back masterclass sessions

Association for Principal Youth and Community Officers (Oct 08)
Two masterclass sessions for the annual conference

Open Innocell (Oct 08)
Virtual session to a group fo regional Finnish government officers

Philadelphia Center for Arts and Heritage (Sept 08)
Keynote and short masterclass for the cities arts organisations

Jersey Education Sport and Culture Department (Sept 08)
Keynoting the islands first E-learning conference

Arts Marketing Association Annual Conference (July 08)
Speaking and delivering two masterclasses

Oldham Youth Service Staff Conference (May 08)
Speaking plus masterclass.

West Sussex Youth Service (Mar 08)
Keynoting at the ‘What’s Changed?’ event

South Yorkshire eLearning Programme (July 08)
Keynoting and delivering two masterclasses

Wigan Youth Service (June 08)
Delivering two keynotes and workshops

5th Annual E2C Event (Apr 08)
Keynoting the annual Comptia ICT conference

Wiltshire Youth Service (Apr 08)
Speaking at the youth service staff conference

Blended Learning Seminar (Apr 08)
At the University of Glamorgan for educators in the region

Halton Youth Voice Awards (Apr 08)
Delivering prizes and speaking at this inaugural annual event

Participation Works SE (Apr 08)
Keynoting and delivering two masterclasses at the ‘Talk It Up’ conference

Wigan Youth Service (Mar 08)
Delivering two keynotes and workshops

Rotherham Youth Service (Jan 08)
Keynote speaker at the ‘Youth Work Matters’ conference

Birmingham Youth Service (Dec 07)
Ending the first days agenda at the ‘Aiming High Within the Bigger Picture’ Conference

Clubs for Young People (Nov 07)
Leading two workshops at the Taking The Lead conference

Association for Principal Youth and Community Officers (Nov 07)
National conference penultimate speaker

Wigan and Leigh College Teachers Event (Nov 07)
The learner, the 21st century curriculum, the technology & you!

South East Youth Parternship (Oct 07)
Keynoting at the partnerships AGM

CTAM Europe (Sept 2007)
MediaSnackers moderated a panel of young people at the CTAM Europe Conference, Barcelona, to discuss their media habits

IBC 2007 (Sept 2007)
MediaSnackers spoke at the Are you being YouTubed? session of the IBC 2007 Conference

E-skills UK (July 07)
Talking at the launch of the new Diploma in IT for the UK curriculum

BBC NorthWest Fest (June 07)
Taking part in the annual conference at BBC Manchester

NYA Youth Summit (June 07)
Speaking on the changing face of youth in relation to new media and technology

Portland, Oregon, USA (May 07)
MediaSnackers participated in ‘Reshape Schools’, a bold and exciting summit which aimed to explore and influence Portlands school design and education system

In The Wild event (May 07)
Speaking at the Channel 4 event

Children Online (Apr 07)
An NMK afternoon seminar where MediaSnackers gave a presentation on the change in the youth media landscape and young people themselves

Audiences Yorkshire (Nov 06)
Last minute request to stand-in and speak at Audiences Yorkshire Conference in Leeds

Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference (06/07)
For the past two years MediaSnackers has spoken at Showcomotion.

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