West Sussex Youth Services Training Part Two


Film review.

(GBR) We really enjoyed our two dayer with the guys from West Sussex Youth Service a couple of days ago. Great energy and enthusiasm for adapting and adopting all this social media stuff (it helps to have the UKs first youth worker blogger).

DK and the Mediasnackers Team led an intense but stimulating 2 day training course for youth service staff.

We’ve only just started to explore what’s possible in terms of developing this side of our work with young people, and the team facilitated us in a way that allowed us to ‘play’ as well as debate the usefulness of specific sites etc.

All participants left at the end of Day 2 with ideas buzzing around their heads about putting the learning into practice. It will be interesting to review progress, particularly in relation to how the voice of young people can be promoted through social media.
Jane Melvin, Senior Manager

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