Vistage Speaking Group#33


Speaking in Dublin

(IRL) Yesterday myself and DK had a short notice phone call to step into another speaking gig for Vistage UK. Like excited little bunnies (or at least me, because this is my first trip to the Emerald Isle) we packed and fled the country like a pair of high tailing bandito’s.

As usual throughout the day we will be inspiring, motivating, empowering and training a great group of like minds, interested in understanding the powerful opportunities of social media in the corporate world. We’re really looking forward to it and hoped to be challenged throughout the day.

Your presentation and interactive work introduced new concepts and sources for for V33 members & their guests and even those less engaged with the internet found it useful and have taken away some ideas for action.

Comments from the members included : ‘pushed me to rethink my bias against social media sites’, ‘will use sites to enhance our web’ and ‘excellent presentation and great to get to try actual blogging, very useful’.

I am pleased with today and enjoyed your engaging style and willingness to tackle anything.

Etain Doyle, Vistage Group Chair Ireland

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