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(IRE) We love delivering our Internal Events as it means cross-departmental delegates and organisational-wide impact.

Today we’re with South Dublin County Council, serving them a contextualising presentation on the (social) media landscape changes and then five different masterclasses, totally bespoke and specific to their needs.

The best thing about MediaSnackers is they don’t just tell you about platforms and projects—they show you. The fact that they are blogging, tweeting, photo sharing and recording all through the event enhances the message and immediately gives participants the ability to see it in action and participate.

Within 24 hours of our recent internal event with the MediaSnackers I saw great changes! Blogs started appearing, twitter feeds picked up, ideas began to circulate. The fear and apprehension that had surrounded the use of social media in our organisations had been diminished. People are playing, having fun and ‘clicking the button’!

I doubt any other company could have delivered to such a diverse group of organisations, ages and abilities and inspired everyone to action. The internal event was definitely the best way to kick start our journey into social media and has opened up new areas for further exploration and training.

Carolyn Jones

MediaSnackers Internal Events

3 thoughts on “South Dublin County Council Internal Event”

  1. Thanks for a fantastic event today – we’ve had such positive feedback.

    There is now an empowered group of people ready to start playing around with new platforms and applications, to make the most of what is out there, and get spreading our messages.

    Thanks for giving us the inspiration, ‘permission’ and guidance to get us going.

  2. wow, great quote there, thanks CJ. Must be a contender for the best testimonial yet!

    all the best – Mark

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