Cultivate Part Two

One day review.

(GBR) A quick video review from our one day corporate training with a group of arts professionals in the East Midlands region—we had lots of fun and presented lots of social media ways to engage, promote and market their activities:

We were delighted to programme MediaSnackers training for the East Midlands cultural sector to present and explore a full range of possibilities in social media and online platforms. The session had energy and was inspiring and successfully bridged the gap between theory and practical application. Many left wanting more of the same and the training will ultimately help to bring the cultural offer to new audiences across the region.

Andrew Parsons, Project Manager, Cultivate

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5 thoughts on “Cultivate Part Two”

  1. see what you meant about Apple paradise! I’m thinking about charging penalties for anywhere that forces me to work using machines with Windows XP, IE 6, doesn’t have flash installed & prevents any new software being downloaded ;-)

  2. A fast and furious introduction to oh-so-many new platforms/ideas – been busily trying things out ever since – with very helpful advice only an email away – thanks DK for follow up assistance – hopefully not TOO long before I can get our website buzzing again!

  3. I presume Daniel (who seems to be from New Perspectives, a blooming brilliant company – Their ‘Titfield Thunderbolt’ at Countesthorpe College in 1996 was just brilliant) attended the training?

    If so, great to see a participant buzzing after a MediaSnackers masterclass and telling us so!

    Thanks Daniel, hey it’d be great to work with the NP staff and board or the NRTF members – funding-wise, ACE are keen to fund all things digital production & distribution at the moment! Can we help you make a bid to anyone to get us in?

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