Oldham Youth Services Staff Conference



(GBR) At a staff conference yesterday for youth workers in Oldham where I delivered a short talk on social media and young people plus a little masterclass illustrating a few platforms.

Absolutely fascinating. What caught my attention was how we as Youth Workers could use the talk sites to promote what we are going and communicate with young people. Please could I go on any training that DK is running as I thought it amazing. Thank you he was an inspiration.

Enjoyed the session delivered by DK, it certainly opened my eyes. I am interested in further sessions as this is an area that us 'oldies' have not got a clue.

An inspirational session—it was a real light bulb moment and I can't wait to start integrating social media methodology into my work… DK was a very inspiring and engaging facilitator.

It was a cool, sexy and superb presentation. A great platform for us to get motivated and catch up with the young people we work with. Can't wait for the training!

It was awesome and left me wanting further hands on training. I think it's important training for all those working with young people.

Quotes from the youth work staff whom atended.

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