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NZ gig 1, 2 and 3.

(NZL) Today I'm delivering a special pre-conference training day for the Ulearn 09 conference in Christchurch, New Zealand—introducing a select group of teachers to all this scrummy social media goodness.

We were pleased that DK could join us for Ulearn09 in Christchurch NZ for the 8th Ulearn Conference held at the Christchurch Convention Centre attended by 2000 NZ Educators. DK was an important part of our Conference programme delivering a preconference full day workshop, a spotlight presentation and a hands-on Social Media master class.

The audience response was overwhelming with all attendees mesmerised by the slick enthusiatic presentation style and the wealth of information provided. Many of the respondents replied that they couldn't wait to get back to their schools and centres to experiment with their new found knowledge.

DK received a 100% excellent rating from the audiences at his presentations. Comments such as…

“Keep on playing”
“Very Cool”
“Great ideas, great enthusiasm”
“DK was inspirational. It would be good to help him achieve world domination!”
“DK knows about Youth and what they do.”
“Enjoyed listening to DK and he kept my attention throughout the 90 mins.”

Ali Hughes, General Manager/CEO, Core-Ed

Then tomorrow I'll also be delivering a Spotlight presentation plus a masterclass straight after it. Phew!

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17 thoughts on “Ulearn 09”

  1. Great day, Great start to conference. Learnt heaps – great ideas .
    Cant wait to try them out.


  2. This was awesome! Relaxed, fun and above all highly relevant for the classroom. I can’t wait to try it all out in term four.

  3. Day full of new ideas and inspiration. Excellent beginning to ULearn. Hope everyday is this good.
    Ka mau te wehi (Awesome)

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys and for your energy throughout the day. Keep in touch with how you use the platforms and stuff we explored.

  5. Went to breakout 2. Thanks for sharing all those great tools! I’m so looking forward to “playing” with them! Good luck for the spotlight! If breakout2 is anything to go by, you’ll be awesome!!
    Hope your first visit to New Zealand is an enjoyable one.

  6. Hey DK
    I just wanted to say thanks for the pre conference workshop. I got a lot out of the afternoon. I just wish I could have made it to the morning session as well. I even have some ideas already about how I can apply your ideas in the first week of this term and save myself having to write a boring old report. So I guess that means I will have to forgive you for misspelling my name at the end of your youtube clip!
    Hope you have some time to explore this beautiful country now that the conference is over.

  7. Thanks again for the further positive comments guys – totally humbled. Please (all of you) keep in touch and let us know how/where/when you’re using the stuff I showed/discussed :-)

    Naamah – many apologies for getting your name spelling wrong… bad DK!

  8. Hi DK – thanks for the fantastic presentation last Thursday! Highly insightful and extremely relevant. You mentioned there’d be a pdf covering your presentation, etc… being a non-native I’m buggered if I can find it! Any help would be appreciated (particularly the final clip you showed – tho have found similar things on You Tube).

    Thanks again – hope you’re enjoying your time at the bottom (I’m being PC) end of the world!

  9. Gave my Ulearn presentation to our Senior Management Team today, with a real emphasis on the possibilities of ‘Social Media’ and I actually managed to convince them to change the school’s policy/philosophy about that sort of stuff. They were particularly moved by the Invisible Children stuff. Of course the irony is that I will be teaching in the UK next year so won’t get the opportunity to take advantage of their change of heart….. Hopefully schools in the UK are more open to this sort of thing!

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on ‘Social Media’ DK especially the way schools tend to lock everything down so social media tools that are used extensively by pupils are not being used in school. Yet this is the way people are communicating so why not tap into this, definately got me thinking about the way we are doing things in the primary schoooI work at here in NZ. Could you send me a copy of your pdf covering your info from the breakout you did at ULEARN? Thanks for the help.

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