Vistage Training Part 2


CEOs and social media.

(GBR) We're back in Winchester to finish off our consulting contract with the UK branch of Vistage International, the world's foremost chief executive leadership organisation.

Last time it was specific training giving them a grounding in digital media skills and cross-platform understanding, today it’s reviewing their operations, exploring strategies and leaving them with a social media roadmap to go forward.

Mediasnackers don't just know what they're talking about, they make it real. They give examples, tips and techniques. And they personalise it so it's immediately relevant. Another great thing is that they actually use the stuff to to do their work, and so teach others by actually using the technology. If you need to engage experts in the whole social media domain, these guys get it, and they transfer their expertise in a fun, informal and effective way.

Steve Gilroy, Chief Executive

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