National Speakers Association NZ | Christchurch (12 July 2011)

An evening talk for the National Speakers Association NZ | Christchurch branch on how social media can help speakers to extend their eudience and client base :

On behalf of National Speakers Christchurch, I would like to thank you so much for your brilliant presentation last night. I personally came away from the session truly inspired.

We all took something away that we can work on immediately.

It was great that you kept your message simple and easy to understand.

You certainly know your stuff, the passion and excitement shone through in everything you said.

Thank you for sharing so much of who you are and giving so freely of your time, knowledge and valuable resources.

You certainly know your stuff and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Mark Pfeifer, President, National Speakers Christchurch

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3 thoughts on “National Speakers Association NZ | Christchurch (12 July 2011)”

  1. DK you gave a brilliant presentation last night at National Speakers, I was truly inspired to take action on creating a blog.

    Thanks for your motivation and keeping the message simple, the time flew by all too quickly.

    We would love to have you back again at some stage in the future and would love it even more if you considered joining National Speakers.

    Thanks again

    All the best

    Mark Pfeifer

  2. Thanks DK. Was a fantastic session you brought to us last week. I’ve heard lots about how best to be involved with ‘social’, from a variety of sources, and yet you brought a fresh approach that left me inspired to learn more from you. I hope your talk to the Gates Foundation leads to even greater things and, once again, welcome to New Zealand. If I can do anything to help a fellow immigrant, please feel free to drop me a line. Hope to talk to you soon. Cheers. Colin

  3. Mark – thanks for your comment and glowing testimonial. Always happy to explore a return visit sir :-)

    Colin – appreciate the kind words and offer to get together. Still very much finding my feet here and always open to offers of friendship, thank you.

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