Celtic Media Festival


Click here.

(WAL) I’m honoured to be invited to share the stage today with (past client) S4C for the Click Here session at the Celtic Media Festival.

We’ve had a great deal of positive response in the wake of DK’s presentation – it really charged up the day for many of the festival goers. A timely reminder to us all of the speed of change with which each new facet is developed, adopted and subsequently owned. Thanks again from S4C for giving us all such a zesty overview of peoples multiplatform habits and appetites.

Meirion Davies, Head of Content, S4C

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  1. I heard today that there is some kind of Dr Who shindig at the Celtic Fest. DON’T step into the Tardis, you’ll probably accidently nudge yourself into 2059, and suddenly be terribly behind new social media developments…

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