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A masterclass session.

(WAL) I’m just down the road at the fantastic Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay delivering a 90minutes masterclass session at the Association of British Orchestras Annual Conference.

(My session has the very grand title of “Leading By Example: Digital Delivery”—cool!)

The MediaSnackers session at our recent conference was a universal success and by far and away the most popular and talked about session of the three days. We are already looking at how to use them more and will not only be passing on their tips to members but will be trying to use them ourselves! Extremely well pitched and the amount of ground covered in just 90 minutes was astounding and proof that the little things that can make a big difference do not require great technical know how. Brilliant and we look forward to a continuing relationship. Thanks a million to DK and the team.

Keith Motson, Projects Manager, Association of British Orchestras

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10 thoughts on “ABO Conference”

  1. I was at said session at the ABO conference and I thought it was great. Really useful stuff, fantastic passion in what you were presenting, I think it really got everyone going. I’m definitely going to try and integrate some of the cool things you showed us in to BCMG’s marketing mix. We’re already trying our hands at facebook, twitter, podcasts etc – but I’ve got heaps of new ideas now. Thank you!

  2. Many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here guys – was a great room with fantastic energy and I really enjoyed the session. I’m really excited to hear you’ll be using some of the platforms I demonstrated and please do keep in touch and let me know how you get on with them :-)

  3. Excellent session, I came out bouncing like Tigger, quite good seeing as I’d been up since 6am. Real mind/eye opening session. We will be using lots of the applications you demonstrated and sharing the information with promoter and orchestral partners. In fact I’ve just set up an Orchestras Live blog – http://orchestraslive.blogspot.com
    Thanks :-)

  4. Jan – fantastic to hear I made you bounce like Tigger – woo hoo!

    Already following your little blog there and looking forward to some dynamic content being posted :-)

  5. Quality session, DK – presentational equivalent of a Pro Plus boost in the pm…lots of interesting ideas to bring back to the team. Great to see how to practically EMBED a range of apps quickly and at no cost. Now just need to work out how to navigate the dreaded corporate guidelines…

  6. Thanks again DK, universally appreciative comments and definitely looking to get another session in the diary for those who couldn’t make it down to Cardiff. Though slightly sad that you have had more comments than my blog on the conference! aboconference.blogspot.com
    Cheers! K

  7. DK,

    During this session you showed a really cool tool to make timelines. Can you provide the link by any chance? I’m working on our new website and I can’t remember the website you used.


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