Vistage Speaking Group#39


Inspiring more suits

(GBR) Serving up another juicy half-day social-media-taster for a group of CEOs on behalf of Vistage International this morning in Putney.

DK and Mark helped us today to understand what social media is all about and showed us in a very practical way how we could use it. The 'new normal' for all our businesses requires us to consider and implement more person to person communication in our marketing mix.

John Thorpe, Group Chairman

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Rethinking Youth Culture Talk


It's all academic

(GBR) Chuffed to be speaking at the fourth seminar in the (deep breath) 'Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media' series (no website), here at Open University, Milton Keynes.

The morning session will be on 'New directions in youth culture research', delivered by PhD students, the afternoon session is focussed on 'Youth as a consumer market' in which I'll be presenting.

DK gave a polished, engaging, multi-media presentation about youth and social media for our research seminar series "Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media" (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council). Those attending—a mix of established academics and newer researchers in the field of youth culture, and people from national youth organisations—found it fascinating and thought-provoking, and DK gave us some clear issues to take our discussions forward.

Professor David Buckingham, Director of the Centre for the Study of Children Youth and Media, Institute of Education

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MediaSnackers Speaking/Masterclass

Vistage Speaking Group#2


Inspiring the suits

(GBR) We’re in Windsor delivering another half-day social media taster for a group of CEO’s on behalf of Vistage International.

An important aspect of Speaker sessions/workshops at Vistage meetings is helping our (CEO) members to be aware and abreast of the many developments and changes in the world of business, through technology. This awareness is vital to their having a competitive advantage.

MediaSnackers, in their presentation to one of my CEO groups in February 2010, amply fulfilled that objective and fully engaged the participants.

Ian Simons, Vistage Chair

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Ladders of Participation

Old and new models

(WORLD) Back at the turn of the century I was busy working my way around a couple of local authorities here in the UK. I ended up in one where the Chief Executive took a shining to me and basically allowed me to write a job description for the post of 'Corporate Youth Officer', focussed on embedding youth participation into the councils operations—it was the first ever post of its kind in the UK.

One of the things I held dear at that time was Roger Harts 'Ladder of Participation' (which is still very much in use today and which every youth professional knows backwards across the globe):

Image credit

Spring forward into the latter end of the last decade and I'm delivering keynotes and masterclasses to several youth services across the country (and world) and mashing up the above ladder with another one which show how people use the web (below is the latest verion):

Image credit

Looks familiar, huh? Maybe great minds were thinking alike here or maybe the Forrester guys were inspired by Mr Hart?

All I know is that participation as a term and model can be substituted for many of the social media phrases such as conversation, community and/or user-generated content, and maybe that's why I feel so at home in this space as I've been doing stuff like this for over a decade.

MediaSnackers is currently in 'permanent pause' mode—check out where most of the juicy action is at nowadays!