The World Has Changed…#17


…and it's not turning back.

(WORLD) More evidence that the world is changing for MediaSnackers everywhere from these recent articles:

• After a lecture, students can play it again on their laptops;
• NASA attempts to attract a younger crowd through social networking;
• Looking for music videos? Here's what MySpace offers;
• Email is for old people (not our words);
• Stealing is stealing, even if it is virtual;
• Buy the Facebook book.

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The MediaSnackers Meme #6


Keeping track of the growing MediaSnackers Meme.

(WORLD) We probably weren't the first to apply the 'snacking' metaphor to media, although there seems to be a growing adoption in terms of describing the new youth-media landscape—we thought it would be good to keep an eye on the growing MediaSnacking meme:

People are becoming accustomed to consuming large amounts of 'bite-size' content rather than the longer-form stuff of traditional media. Online video clips, the iPod Nano, pay-per-view TV shows on iTunes, short games played on handheld devices, the list goes on.
One of our favourite trend agencies talking about snack culture.

Children are fearless. They are using all the new technologies. They are very adept from an early age at accessing content when they want it and where they want it.
Sounds like mediasnacking to us from this article.

The migration to shorter conversation bursts (140 characters or less on Twitter) is evolutionary and is also indicative of our insatiable appetite for both media snacking and also a sense of community. On any given day, I see more response in Twitter or Facebook than I do on PR 2.0 or But that doesn't mean that blogs are slowing down. It just represents that people share and discover things differently.
Interesting insights from Brian Solis

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Birmingham Youth Service Conference


Speaking gig.

(GBR) MediaSnackers is heading on up to the midlands to speak for Birmingham Youth Service and their 'Aiming High Within the Bigger Picture' Conference.

DK from Mediasnackers provided an enjoyable and challenging session for youth workers at our service conference. It was the after dinner session, and was just right in provoking discussion and ideas in an enjoyable way. Colleagues were still debating the issues raised long after the conference was over. It has made us think differently about how we communictae with young people, and how we run our service.
Harry Fowler and Dave Foster, Joint Acting Heads of the Birmingham Youth

MediaSnackers Speaking

MS Vodcast Episode#012

December 07, another mouth-watering MediaSnackers Vodcast to devour.

The MediaSnackers monthly vodcast is a fifteen minute shot (more or less) of yummy-youth-media-goodness. Featuring content made, produced or focussed on young people and media from around the globe.

Featuring: Another Love Story by Floris Emanuel; The Stranger Festival promo by The Stranger Festival:
My Life As a Child by Alaa:; Home Again by Attack!Attack!.

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