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(WAL) In Swansea this afternoon for a rare weekend gig delivering a presentation at the Trac Cymru event called ‘Day of the Tradiators’—what is a Tradiator? A champion for folk music, a traditional music activist, a performer, a folk club organiser,
a publisher of traditional music, a folk festival organiser…

Got an hour to explore social media as a tool for these folks to utilise in their operations.

The rubik’s cube of technology has suddenly started making sense! I overheard lots of folk clubs, festivals and performers afterwards hatching plans for upping their game, technologically! Watch out, world!

Sian Thomas, Director,

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2 thoughts on “Day of the Tradiators Presentation”

  1. Really enjoyed the Tradiators day in Swansea and I’m on the edge of being inspired to tweet and facebook after DK’s excellent presentation. The paint/maze animation has stuck in my mind and really describes the learning to ‘light dawning’ process!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to comment Lynne – we love that clip as well – keep in touch with how you get on with things :-)

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