SYELP Keynote / Masterclasses


Speaking and showing off.

(GBR) MediaSnackers is up in Sheffield keynoting a South Yorkshire e-learning Programme (SYeLP) event for secondary school teachers and leaders as part of the Building Schools for the Future Programme.

We’re also running two masterclasses to illutsrate the power of social media.

I would like to thank you for an inspiring session—delivered at breathtaking speed with great charisma and enthusiasm. The Masterclasses were variously described by Conference delegates as "inspirational" and "excellent" and the verbal feedback I have had, has been exceptionally positive.

The pdf resource is a super resource and will be uploaded to the Handheld Learning and Social Media blog which I will be embellishing with the ideas that I picked up from yesterday. I know of others who are going to create blogs too, one of whom works for the BSF Planning team.

It was a pleasure to meet you and Guy, you deliver what you say you will deliver and you impressed your audience.

Tricia Anderson, Sheffield Project Manager, South Yorkshire e-learning Programme

MediaSnackers Speaking

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