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Dropping jaws and blowing minds

(GB) Today DK and myself are back up in Leeds working with the Breeze team and friends to show them some great online platforms and services. With this knowledge we hope to illustrate, inspire and motivate people into doing funky things with their projects and begin telling some great stories.

We arrived yesterday and had a meeting in the afternoon with Rosie, who is the development and communications officer for Breeze Leeds, investigating their current web presence, so we know what is and isn’t possible for them prior to delivering the training.

Brilliant, brilliant day. Came away with lots to think about and lots of new things to apply. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rosie Wilks, Development and Communications Officer, Breeze Leeds

Read about what happened on our previous visit to Breeze Leeds.

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  1. Thanks again for the training, guys! It was relevant, useful and informative, but also great fun. I can’t wait to get going and put it all into practice.

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