West Sussex Youth Services Conference


Speaking gig.

(GBR) I'm heading down south to speak at the West Sussex Youth Services annual staff conference—the theme of which is 'What's Changed?'—where I'll be presenting two sessions on how digital technology and online platforms should feature and play a role in future policies and operations.

DK really opened our eyes not only into the wide variety of options that the internet can provide for work with young people, but also into how far we’ve got to go now in order to keep up with the young people that we work with. As a forty-something youth worker with 25 years experience behind me, I mistakenly thought that I had a reasonable idea of what was out there. How wrong was I?

From a Participation perspective, DK’s presentation was just what we wanted, stimulating thought on how we can empower young people to have a voice through the use of social media sites.

I’d recommend involvement with Mediasnackers to any service working with young people – the possibilities are endless.

Jane Melvin, Senior Manager

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MediaSnackers Speaking

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