NESTA Future Innovators Training Part 2


A review.

(GBR) Here's a quick video review of our time with the fantastic guys and gals at NESTA on Wednesday (TIP: if you ever get a chance to visit their offices, do so—was just like walking into a Mac, extremely funky and made us green with envy).

Working with MediaSnackers has been an enlightening and energising experience! Our one-day session helped us to better understand how young people are using social networking and digital content creation sites. We also learned how to collaborate more effectively with our colleagues using online tools. Since MediaSnackers took over one of our meeting 'pods' for the day, we've developed the confidence to begin blogging—and we've agreed to meet regularly in future as a peer group to swap tips and rejuvenate our enthusiasm.
Katherine Mathieson, Head of Future Innovators

Loved the discussion in our closing circle relating to establishing an internal 'informal' group who would come together once a month to present on social media sites, platforms and tools which members have come across—a great model to replicate in any organisation.

NESTA Future Innovators Training Part 1

MediaSnackers Training

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