AMA Conference 08


Speaking and masterclass.

(WORLD) Up in the north east at the AMA annual conference taking two seminars on 'online behaviours' and throwing in a masterclass whilst I'm at it full of social media goodness.

Here's a testimonial with some blush-inducing quotes from the feedback forms (thank you guys):

Top marks for DK's seminar sessions at this year's AMA conference at The Sage Gateshead with some delegates either adding an 'excellent' column to their feedback forms for his session and others remarking that they 'would give a higher mark if one was available'!

Both Dk's sessions filled up and over their original 100-person capacity and quotes from delegates attending include:

'This is the best session I have ever been to! "I'll show you, rather than tell you" was his catchphrase—I've never learnt so much in my life! Thank you.'

'Really fun and practical session, I came away with lots of practical tips.'

'I learned more in this session than I have in the last 6 months. He should be canonised or knighted!!'

'Lively, interesting, covered a lot of ground with great practical examples.'

'Truly excellent – engaging and broke down lots of technical barriers.'

'Fantastic. Inspiring yet practical.'

'Brilliant, enthusiastic speaker. Informative, interesting and exciting.'
Helen Bolt, Marketing Manager, AMA


Humbled by the fact both of my seminars were fully booked out—the second one we had to shoehorn in extra chairs as it tipped over the 100 limit.


AMA annual conference

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