The Theatrical Management Association Conference (25 May 2011)

The afternoon keynote for the annual Theatrical Management Association conference :

Although a conference of the highest level of theatre executive, knowledge of social media was varied. He gave a really comprehensive presentation that was far less about the “how” and far more about the “what” and “why”. It really helped those present to understand the paradigm shift needed to embrace communication and interaction with customers and partners utilising the opportunities available to us now. Rather than being a dizzying sprint through the newest kids on the block it was filled with practical examples of relationships enhanced and made more profitable and meaningful through the use of social media. It was very well received indeed. If he wasn’t now located in New Zealand we would certainly invite him back.

Stephanie Sirr, chief executive of Nottingham Playhouse

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  1. This was the highlight of the TMA day. Really enjoyed hearing someone talk passionately about a subject I’m pretty new to – and as a result now want to know a whole lot more about. thanks!

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