MS Podcast#148 / Rezed Podcast#45


The hub for learning and virtual worlds monthly podcast series.

(WORLD) The fortyfifth RezEd monthly podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

What could be the final podcast of the series for RezEd—click play and found out why.

0:00 – 0:24 Intro
0.25—1.02 introduction to the focus session with the Global Kids
1.03—4.32 high and lows of RezEd
4.33—6.27 evolving nature of the community
6.28—8.20 role of the community
8.21—8.54 thanks / outro
8.55—09.36 in dialogue session talking with RezEd community members
09.37—10.49 Jeremy Koester
10.50—11.41 Peggy Sheehy
11.42—14.32 Stan Trevena
12.33—14.04 Sabine Lawless-Reljic
14.03—15.15 Lucas Gillispie
15.16—16.00 networking opportunities/impact
16.01—21.45 how RezEd has helped
21.46—23.10 what has changed
23.12—27.18 future of RezEd
27.11—27.58 thanks
27:59—28:05 Outro

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Breeze Leeds Social Media Training


The boys are back in town

(GB) Part 3 of our work with Leeds Council is underway. After a masterclass, consulting and digital media training, we’re completing the hat-trick with social media training for the BreezeLeeds team.

Today we will be connecting the dots of all their social spaces from our last visit and showing them how to better engage with audiences and help tell their story. Keep an eye on this page as we will be updating the photo gallery throughout the day.

Working with MediaSnackers over the past few months has been a breath of fresh air. They have inspired and motivated both myself and my colleagues, provided us all with some great knowledge and trained us in some fantastic tools as well as come up with some little golden nuggets to help build and expand our service, way of thinking and e-comms!

I personally have found it an invaluable experience and would highly recommend them as motivators, trainers and consultants within the social media arena. Their outlook and take on things has been fantastic and they certainly make you think outside the box and push your boundaries. A thoroughly enjoyable experience both professionally and personally.

Rosie Wilks, Development and Communications Officer, Leeds City Council

MediaSnackers Training

Thurrock Youth Service



(ENG) Down in Thurrock, Essex delivering two masterclass sessions at the youth services end of year staff conference.

Been a while since we did some work with youth services so be great to deliver something to this sector again.

Thurrock Youth and Connexions finished its first full year of integration with a Staff Conference to reflect on the achievements of the year and also to plan for the coming one. Part of the day was also to inspire staff with possibilities which they may not have been aware of and that's where MediaSnackers came in. DK's presentation was welcomed greatly by the staff and showed them in a practical and understandable language about the potential for social media and the benefits of utilising IT in working with young people.  Social Workers, Youth Workers, IAG Personal Advisors, Managers etc attended the sessions and the feedback was incredibly positive with staff recognising the benefits to their different professions.  We would definitely recommend utilising MediaSnackers in the future.

Dave Petrie, West Locality Manager, Thurrock Youth and Connexions

MediaSnackers Speaking/Masterclass

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