CompTIA Internal Masterclass


Big speaking gig.

(GBR) After keynoting an event for them, I’m honoured to be delivering an internal masterclass session for the UK team at CompTIA today.

Thank you very much for the first class masterclass today. The team were raving about the new ideas and how relevant it was to their work and I especially enjoyed the informal style and workshop format you set up.

Fantastic job – from all the team, many thanks.

Matthew Poyiadgi, Vice President EMEA, CompTIA

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6 thoughts on “CompTIA Internal Masterclass”

  1. Great masterclass. DK gave us some great insights in how we can communicate with our customers cheaper, easier and sexier.

    The new internal blog was up and running 15 minutes after the masterclass.

    Thanks DK!


  2. Hi DK
    Just a quick note to say thanks for the fab session yesterday. It was very inspiring and everyone was impressed with the tools and resources you showed us. All can be applied to our day to day work.

    It made me think outside of the box for more innovative and interesting ways to communicate to our members and prospective members.

    Embed, Embed, Embed!!!!

    Thanks again

  3. As a technical minded and technology loving individual, I was skeptical as to whether I’d learn much from the masterclass.

    I was totally surprised at how many “cool nuggets” of information I got and have already started to implement many of them into my day-to-day work schedule.

    Top stuff DK, hope to see a session again soon!

  4. Dear DK

    Thanks so much for all the stuff you showed us today. It is so easy to use and so effective. We have already started talking about it to our members.

    Have a fab Christmas


  5. Fantastic to hear all the positive feedback – I should buy my clients chocolate brownies more often ;-)

    15 minutes and you have a blog – woo hoo – fantastic guys and was a total pleasure to come in and show you some cool online platforms/tools to make your jobs easier, quicker and sexier. Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on with it and hopefully see you all soon.


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