WAG: Entrepreneurial Champions


Delivering high expectations

(WAL) Today myself and DK are visiting Bridgend College to work with the Entrepreneurial Champions on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government. These champions aim to promote entrepreneurship to their students across Wales. Once empowered, we hope they will go on to enable others to steer their motivation in the most effective, communicative and financially lucrative way possible.

When economic conditions are harsh, entrepreneurship is one of the core skills that individuals need to draw on to pull themselves out of a slump. Inspiration from training is only half the battle, and a great idea needs to flourish with business knowledge in order to develop into something bigger than just a pipe-dream.

If you have an inspiring website, link, or knowledge resource regard teaching and/or entrepreneurship, please let us know in the comments below, so we can share with the guys on the day, or send us a message through MediaSnackers on Twitter.

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