Wiltshire (15 October 2010)

Closing keynote for the launch of the Wiltshire Community Plan under the heading of ‘Thinking creatively-Taking action-Making a difference’.

Thank you for your excellent contribution to the Assembly event. The feedback from the event was 100% positive, with comments such as “energetic”, “what a cool guy”, and “interesting and practical”, and the majority said your session was by far their favourite. In terms of evaluation scores, you also received the highest overall average of all the agenda items.

Liz Richardson, Wiltshire Council

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2 thoughts on “Wiltshire (15 October 2010)”

  1. DK, It was great to see you at the Wiltshire Assembly, enjoyed your ideas, enthusiasm and energy towards online creativity.
    As a great fan and user of social network I look forward to seeing the Wiltshire Assembly partnership embracing the technology with the use of a tweet, status update and of course loads of embedded fun *smile*

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