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(WAL) This evening I'll be the final keynote speaker at the Wales Arts Marketing Symposium in Cardiff, Arts Council of Wales.

The title of my talk is "How social media has changed the game: the future of new technologies and digital communications for marketing the arts in Wales," fun stuff.

Thanks for providing a most entertaining and enjoyable key note speech to close our Arts Marketing Symposium. Your session was highly relevant and gave us all lots to think about. Most importantly you presented in a lively and fun way, engaging the audience, and leaving them on a high at the end of the day—just what we asked you to do!

Ann Kellaway, Senior Research & Audience Development Officer, Arts Council of Wales

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10 thoughts on “Wales Arts Marketing Symposium”

  1. Excellent and inspiring presentation from Mediasnackers! Nice one DK – I’m ready to tweet my fickr photos onto YouTube…
    Or maybe I need to re-read my notes first, lol!

  2. Jo / Kathryn – many thanks for taking the time to leave such kind words here. Keep in touch with how you get on with it :-)

  3. DK a wonderful presentation. I work in Local Authority and I am having the IT issues you describe .
    I only realized at the end of your presentation that you were using your mobile as a remote to run the presentation as I was sitting there thinking this guy’s timing is amazing !

  4. Brilliant presentation yesterday. We haven’t stopped talking about it this morning – do you fancy coming to Aberystwyth to chat to the whole team?!

    Diolch yn dalpe

    (I thought you were just using a remote – thanks Guy for pointing that out!)

  5. Interesting, inspirational and fun. Thank you! If you ever organise or are involved in a training session for freelancers (in Wales or W Midlands) – please let me know! Kate

  6. PS And special thanks for enlightening me as to what POS means! Can’t wait to surprise my three sons.

  7. KB – many thanks for the lovely review. We don’t usually host our own training but always looking to develop our services… if you have a network maybe we can talk about putting something on for you guys? If so get in touch through the contact page :-)

    PS don’t forget… you didn’t hear it from me – re: POS!

  8. many thanks great presentation

    you’re right we just need to start playing and see what opportunities technology can offer.
    Be keen for you to present something to a forum of organisations who deal with village halls and other community venues- get us all thinking.

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