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We offer a delicious menu of social media solutions for a cross-sector range of clients, including brands, schools, communications agencies, arts organisations, broadcasters, youth services, marketeers, local government etc.

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All courses include:

A holistic view of social media best practices, and hands on training covering all types of digital media and their applicable spaces for personal and professional use.


We’ve worked with games manufacturers trying to develop social media strategies to launch their new titles, arts/music venues on ways to communicate better to their audiences, youth services on embedding social media into their promotional campaigns…

Price: £1,000 a day (more info PDF)

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Beginners Training

You may be new to social media or internet usage either personally or professionally, and need to get to grips with the basics fast, knowing that you’re learning the best approaches to be most effective across a broad range of websites. We will address many common questions to leave you feeling confident of being able to tackle many websites, applications and services used today. Attention will be paid towards explanation of social spaces, signing up to new websites, and walking through their use and maximising the most general features. This course is quick and easy to understand with lots of hands on opportunities and time to reflect and question us throughout the day.

Suitable for up to 20 participants.
Price: £2000 (more info PDF)

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Intermediate Training

You may have been using social media websites for a while, yet haven’t fully took advantage of all the features or identified how they can best work for you. This course will appeal to those that need to start formulating a project, get answers to specific questions and/or explore new dynamic collaborative ways of working towards a common goal. Attention will be paid to branding, personal identity and go beyond general usage, delving deeper into site features with some great examples to inspire and motivate.

Suitable for up to 15 participants.
Price: £2,500 (more info PDF)

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Advanced Training

You will have a good grasp of social media concepts, and be commited to utilising them in your online activities. This course will be bespoke for the clients, and require us to explore your area of business prior to training so we can deliver the most effective social media usage. We can assist with strategy, technological implementation practices, general guidance and advice, and much more relative you your specific needs. The course will allow you to come away, motivated, clearly focussed and skilled to begin whatever challenge you face ahead.

Suitable for up to 10 participants.
Price: £3,000 (more info PDF)

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Digital Youth Training

Digital Journalism Course:
Enabling young people to have an effective online voice through blogging, digital storytelling, podcasting and vodcasting. Perfect for social media coverage of your large and small scale projects, offering participants structured guidance and creative independence of their own time with instant visual rewards.

Suitable for up to 12 participants
Price: £1,500 (more info PDF)

Digital Detective Course:
Challenging the participants to use the web as an investigative platform around specific themes. Responses will be collated using online spaces as they learn to explore the validity of sources plus collaborate to create their own digital answers.

Suitable for up to 20 participants
Price: £1,500 (more info PDF)

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Speaking & Masterclasses

MediaSnackers and Social Media For Suits founder DK has spoken on four continents, keynoted large scale events, delivered countless masterclass sessions and moderated panels at International conferences—a dynamic speaker with an interactive, energetic and fun approach.

Price: depends on size of event, length of talk etc. (more info)

Internal Events

Our new event package engages the whole company / organisation in one mouth-watering hit. That’s right, the whole company / organisation brought up to speed on social media and enthused to go away and start playing with a purpose. The event includes a keynote plus four breakout sessions run twice on areas specific to the clients needs.

Suitable for up to 200 participants.
Price: £4,000 (more info PDF)

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CEO / Snr Exec Mentoring

Social Media For Suits provides personalised mentoring for CEOs & Senior Executives.
This one-to-one course are for those who want to understand and effectively use social media to:

  • save time (personally and as a company / organisation)
  • monitor your brand / operations / sector online
  • tap into existing communities of interest or create ones
  • form an internal culture of collaboration and innovation through the use of online tools and platforms
  • strategy implementation of all this stuff and its ROI

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We provide training courses in Digital Media, Beginners Social Media, Intermediate Social Media, Advanced Social Media, as well as Digital Journalist and Digital Detective training. In addition to these services, we also undertake consulting in Internet Marketing, Strategy, Training, Bespoke CEO and Senior Executive sessions, Speaking & Corporate event days.

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