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As part of my mini-tour of the USA, in a couple of hours I’ll be delivering a couple of internal sessions for leading school design firm DLR Group, here in Santa Monica, California.

The first will be a presentation which will have virtual attendees from eleven other of their offices around the country, then the second session will focus on their specific use of social platforms as an organisation.

DLR Group recently participated in what we hope is the first of a series of conversations with DK of MediaSnackers. He explored with DLR Group the opportunities that exist in social media and social networking, evaluated our current strategy and provided us with valuable insight to maximize our outcome.

Penny Ramsey, Brand Communications Manager, DLR Group

This will be followed by a couple of pre-conference workshops at Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) in San Jose, introducing plus implementing social media in the context of learning environments.

DK’s energy and vast knowledge of social network systems, the power of connecting imagination to realistic life and learning application was unreal. He mesmerized the audience by continually engaging them in the process of learning while swiftly covering new materials that even us “old dogs” were willing to learn! Fascinating young man – he is changing the world of learning and connecting the world of learners to unbelievable possibilities. DK’s time, energy, and expertise were a real treat to the conference attendees. I, myself, learned so much that my kids now think of me as cool because I can speak their connected language!

Julie Barrett, Business Development Leader at tBP/Architecture

Then my final sessions are another pre-conference workshop for executives and business owners at Lavacon in San Diego.

I want to thank you for speaking on “Social Media for Executives” at our conference last month. Attendees absolutely raved about your session.

A sampling of the comments included:

Very engaging!
Excellent presentation. Too bad it wasn’t longer!!
Great job!!
Loved all of it!
Bring DK back next year!

Attendees specifically enjoyed the practical portion, where they could practice what they learned in the first half of the presentation.

It is interesting to note that the Program Chair for an international conference on technical communication was following the comments coming out of LavaCon on Twitter. Based on the positive comments about your session, he immediately contacted me saying, “I want him to speak at our conference, too!”

Again, thank you for making our conference a success, and I look forward to speaking with you about our 2011 program.

Jack Molisani, Executive Director, The LavaCon Conference

I love my job and the above gigs illustrates the transferrable nature of social media to be delivering to a diverse mix of people/industries.

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7 thoughts on “School Design And Digital Content Strategies”

  1. sounds like you’re having a blast out there. How about some photos for facebook or flickr? c’mon, I know that trigger finger has been clicking! :)

  2. DK –

    Thanks for the knowledge yesterday and for putting up with us. Social provides great potential to move the firm closer to its audiences. We will either be a leader and be part of the curve or stumble along to catch up. There is no middle ground.

    If you come across case studies of how professional service firms are successfully and seamlessly implementing social, please share.

  3. DK – Can’t thank you enough for the insight you brought to us and our firm. Since your presentation I have had the opportunity not only to use some of the tools you talked about, but have also been sharing with others and they are telling two friends and they are telling two friends and so on and so on..

  4. Kelley – many thanks for taking the time to comment and thank you for the kind words.

    Andy – check out our podcasts and blog for loads of stuff on that :-)

    Chris – thanks for popping by and yes, had a great time.

    Gareth – yeh let’s stay in touch sir.

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