How To Deliver Kick Ass Social Media Training


A blueprint

What we deliver in our social media training has changed over the past five years but the principles have stayed the same (more or less).

As the industry becomes dilluted with every man and his guinea pig pimping their own brand of social media offerings here’s our differentiator.

I know what you’re thinking : we’re crazy to give this stuff away… without arrogance we know not a lot of people can do this and certainly no-one can deliver it like us, so we’re cool :

  • Be nice—right from the outset. Be warm. Be engaging. Be smiley. Be likeable (and BEware not to appear smarmy).
  • Have a wicked slidedeck—you have to impress from the start and create an emotional reason for participants to engage (above and beyond the fact that their boss has asked them to attend). This is not a powerpoint slide with bullet points on what they will learn, but a call to arms, a challenge, a haka, a throwdown
  • Know your shit stuff and how to communicate it to queens and paupers—setting up a blog is not the same as knowing how to blog nor is it the same of enabling others to blog. Learn the difference and explore all the ways to communicate them.
  • Be confident and self-aware—not a fan of standing up a room of 20 strangers, then move on. If you don’t have the balls to laugh out loud, share what inspires your soul, cry (seriously, some of our sessions have been known to get that emotional), then you won’t give, in turn, permission to those participating to do the same.
  • Contextualise often—being a jane-of-all-trades is a must (unless you’re only serving a specific industry, although even then you’re missing out as to go forward look sideways). Polymaths rule in markets which constantly overlap and bleed into each other. Hit the books and learn the differences between how music venues speak compared to local authorities etc.
  • Challenge—training is about expanding brains and pushing at the limits of existing knowledge. This might mean telling people they currently suck at something or are doing it wrong (in a social media context). Always be ready to back it up though and you better also have the solution at hand as well otherwise things could get ugly.
  • Inspire—show people the goal. Highlight through stories how much impact this stuff has. Illustrate through personal insights and corporate case studies the outcomes of using these platforms (from a monetary saving perspective right through to a cultural shift into authenticity and customer engagement).
  • Play—this is your greatest weapon. Creat spaces and cultivate the environment of play. Our golden ticket to get high levels of engagement throughout the day.

Now sprinkle in the content, some funky missions and learning styles then you have yourself a blueprint of how to deliver a kick ass training session. We’re constantly tweaking and changing this but you get the idea.

Now think of the last training course you went on—anything like this?

Did I miss anything?

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2 thoughts on “How To Deliver Kick Ass Social Media Training”

  1. Don’t know about the haka. You might look a bit silly on your own. But a hook at the beginning is a good ice breaker- something visual that makes people engage emotionally is a good idea- a little engaging movie or video.

    I have my very first keynote coming up next week. At this point in time I have cold feet and wish I had never said I would do it.

    When I get there I am going to be as honest and open and enthusiastic as I can muster and pretend that I am as confident as hell.

    Wish me luck



  2. Allanah – thanks for popping by and good luck with the keynote next week. You’ll be fantastic and you’re already describing the tenets of a great speaker right there in your intentions. Here’s my Top Ten Speaking Tips, could help, break a leg :-)

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