S4C Internal Masterclass

Sianel Pedwar Cymru.

(WAL) Today I’m delivering an internal masterclass session for the guys at S4C—the Welsh language channel.

Attending will be officers from Business Affairs, Commissioning, Legal, Marketing and Press, Research plus the Web team. My session kicks off a series of internal ‘myth-busting’ seminars.

We asked MediaSnackers to open our eyes to what’s out there on the web, and highlight the opportunities we’re missing out on. Response to DK’s session has been great—the pace was fast and exciting, the group was energised and enthused, and it’s served well to trigger debate about taking different approaches to communicating and networking. We’re now working on how we can integrate the opportunities into our planning processes… and looking forward to maximising the potential of the media across the full scope of our work.

Delyth Griffiths, Director of Business Affairs

MediaSnackers Speaking

4 thoughts on “S4C Internal Masterclass”

  1. Brilliant session DK.

    I think you really opened people’s eyes to the vast potential of social networking and how to effectively engage with young people on the net.
    The fact that this can be done with next to no budget is a pretty nice bonus!

    Right, off to bubble.us, I feel the need to bubble.

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