BT Internal Event Part Two


Quick review.

(GBR) Yesterday we delivered a fun and interactive internal event for BT introducing and exploring the breadth and depth of social media plus providing four masterclass sessions detailing the practical applications of this stuff.

Here’s a video review of the event which was attended by over 100 staff (in person and virtually) across varied departments and global offices:

MediaSnackers delivered thought provoking, highly relevant keynote and master class sessions to a variety of BT staff today. Lots of food for thought for everyone who attended; it will certainly make us look closely at how we engage and interact internally as well as with our customers and suppliers, including what more we can do to engage the youth generation. Highly recommended!

Ria Kearney, BT Corporate Responsibility

There were also some tweets from attendees: Martin Faux tweeted here and here, Ben Scowen tweeted this, Anne Bailey tweeted here plus Ian Betteridge tweeted this and posted a pic here.

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3 thoughts on “BT Internal Event Part Two”

  1. Great day. I love that photo of Sunny waving as he goes up the stairs…

    I Hope to work with BT again, as there’s some some fab people doing some great CSR work…maybe we can help them to shout louder about the diversity of BT (they don’t just do telecomms…)

  2. I had loads of fun!

    Great to see how some applications mentioned in master classes allowed for healthy discourse between BT worker bees, including how they can utilise them in their working practices.

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