Project : South Africa

5wsmc MediaSnackers attended the 5th World Summit on Media for Children in Johannesburg, South Africa and delivered our youth training to a group of African young people to enable them to cover the four day event.

The conference was attended by a 1,000 youth professionals and 400 young people. It was an awesome experience to be in Africa plus having the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of young people (it's where we developed our button theory).

The conference blog is still live where you can get a better idea of what was produced.

MediaSnackers provided real world support for the event by training young people to both use the video equipment supplied by BT and to interview the participants of the event. The challenges of the interviewing task should not be underestimated as the questioning, feedback, challenging and summarising skills are difficult to master.

The resultant vodcasts were a credit to MediaSnackers who produced both meaningful and entertaining reporting from the Summit despite a number of technical challenges which are captured on film. A highly professional and successful partnership—thanks.
David Hancock, Head of Education and Volunteering, BT

The next Summit will be in Karlstad, Sweden 2010—we're hoping to be there again…

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