MS Podcast#145 / Rezed Podcast#40


The hub for learning and virtual worlds monthly podcast series.

(WORLD) The fortieth RezEd monthly podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

Discussions around using World of Warcraft in education with four users and details of a new commercial partnership between Dell and Whyville plus the usual news and events from the Rezed community.

0.00—0.24 intro
0.25—4.48 RezEd news with Amira and Krista at Global Kids (any news or events can be submitted here)
4.49—5.07 intro to Jim Bower, cofounder of Whyville
5.08—6.12 new partnership with Dell
6.13—8.06 commercial understanding relevance of virtual worlds
8.07—9.45 other opportunities
9.46—11.18 future developments
11.19—11.24 thanks / outro
11.25—12.21 Rik introducing World of Warcraft conversations
12.22—12.54 Lucas Gillispie, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Pender County Schools, North Carolina
12.55—13.48 Craig Lawson, Pender County Schools, North Carolina
13.49—14.32 Helga Brown, Cyber Campus Coordinator Elizabeth City Schools, North Carolina
14.33—15.11 Bing Shao, Undergraduate Student, City University of New York, New York
15.12—17.08 WOW potential use for educators (LG)
17.09—17.42 film making (HB)
17.43—21.32 tackling negative ideas behind gaming (LG & CL)
21.33—23.11 experience of gaming (BS)
23.12—27.20 advice on getting started (LG, CL, BS)
27.21—28.23 wiki for WOW use for educators
28.24—29.22 Rezed WOW group
29.23—29.49 thanks / outro
29.50—32.14 Amira and Krista detailing the upcoming events for the RezEd community (any news or events can be submitted here)
32.15—32.22 outro

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Breeze Leeds Training


Dropping jaws and blowing minds

(GB) Today DK and myself are back up in Leeds working with the Breeze team and friends to show them some great online platforms and services. With this knowledge we hope to illustrate, inspire and motivate people into doing funky things with their projects and begin telling some great stories.

We arrived yesterday and had a meeting in the afternoon with Rosie, who is the development and communications officer for Breeze Leeds, investigating their current web presence, so we know what is and isn’t possible for them prior to delivering the training.

Brilliant, brilliant day. Came away with lots to think about and lots of new things to apply. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rosie Wilks, Development and Communications Officer, Breeze Leeds

Read about what happened on our previous visit to Breeze Leeds.

MediaSnackers Training

MediaSnackers : A Definition


Not just a great name for a business.

(WORLD) We still get asked about the origins of the MediSnackers name and also complimented on it's descriptiveness—we've been following how other people use the word and it sparked a thought: what if it were to enter a dictionary?

Here's our take:

mediasnacker | me-dee-a-?snack-er | noun informal a person who digests lots of different forms of media (usually in bite size forms). A person who has embraced a new media lifestyle. a young person (esp. in the 2000s) of a subculture characterised by technology and media consumption.

Now where do we submit this to make it real?

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Ericsson Telecom Report Feature


Another featured interview.

(WORLD) Last year I was interviewed by
Helena (from Sweden and Citat Journalistgruppen) for the Ericsson Telecom Report, an online magazine providing unique insight into the telecom business.

Today it's live (honoured to be featured alongside some big names):

Here's the blurb:

In this Telecom Report we look at the growing gap between analogue values and digital values. And between digital natives and digital immigrants. We look at how these differences in values are affecting the media industry and in particular the distribution of newspapers in both print and digital form.

Loved the fact the ended with the classis quote from William Gibson—let us know what you think in the comments.

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