Project : Showcomotion

showcomotionShowcomotion is the UKs annual Children’s Media Conference focussing on all aspects of the industry. In 2007 the event organisers invited us to create (and manage) a group of young digital journalists to cover the two day conference with video insights from the delegates and reporting from the sessions.

I’d like to thank you for joining us as a key partner at the 2007 Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference. As you know, the conference was a great success this year, and an important part of that success was the contribution of the MediaSnackers Digital Journalists. You recruited and trained a team of young digital journalists who blogged and created vodcasts of the conference. It was impressive to see them pick up skills so quickly and be able to engage with the delegates immediately. They will have learnt invaluable technical skills as well as being trained in team work, thinking on their feet, and working with top level professionals media delegates and speakers.

For the conference, it was great to have an up to date ‘live’ presence on the web and to be able to direct delegates to the MediaSnackers site, the blog and I have to say the fantastic photos. It’s a lively addition to the conference website. The journalists also created a youthful and buzzy atmosphere at the conference itself, which I know the delegates and the committee appreciated.
Kathy Loizou, Director, Showcomotion Young People’s Film Festival & Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference

the digital journalists

(Many thanks to BT for loaning us the equipment to deliver our project.)

One of the young digital journalists even got a weeks worth of work experience at CBBC out of it.

MediaSnackers Founder has also spoken at the 2006 and 2007 event.

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