Oxfordshire Consulting


Exploring new media opportunities.

(GRB) MediaSnackers is off to facilitate a consulting session for Oxfordshire County Council and a group of their youth workers.

I would like to commend the work of DK (Mediasnackers) in relation to training of staff in the use of new media with young people. During a recent one-day session, DK enthused staff, worked through practical examples, was alert to local, national and global issues; he has an undisputed wealth of information, knowledge and expertise about new media.

DK works with confidence, inspiring as workers as well as providing sound learning for staff, most importantly he ensured they had the tools and wherewithal to take the work forward in their work with young people and colleagues.

As a result of DK's input staff have more confidence and creativity in their use of new media and this has had immediate and lasting impact on enhancing meaningful access to young people that they engage with.
Ruth Ashwell, Service Manager, Youth Support Services

MediaSnackers Consulting

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