IBC Conference Wrap-Up


Goodbye AmsterDAMN.

(NLD) MediaSnackers says goodbye to Amsterdam after attending and speaking at this years IBC conference—many thanks for the invite guys.

DK is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about youth-video-online, a compelling cocktail. He presented well at amsterdam at ibc to a mixed crowd and managed to engage them both with slides and his powerful words. Very good value.
Kate Bulkley, Independent Journalist

Here's a brief write up of the Are You Being YouTubed? session we spoke at:

MediaSnackers was first up, giving an overview of how young people are using new media and technology, plus how the whole media landscape has changed drastically. A few videos and screenshots served their purpose of underlining the fact that young people are producers, creators and participants.

Next up was Jon Godel, Editor for ITN On—user generated content (UGC) enable news coverage of events which simply the current operations cannot cover. Bascially, people are everywhere and journalists are not. ITN Uploaded has been part of the news since July 07 and is a multi-platformed innovation to augment mainstream news offering. Built around a group of citizen correspondents which brings in the usual marginalized comments and feedback.

Then James DuBern, Director of Programming for Current TV (UK)—talked about how viewer generated content is the backbone of the channel. Since its launch 2 years ago, they are currently reaching 50 million homes and focus on short format, 100% non-fiction. They look to add value through editorial and creative support for those 'pods' which get chosen for broadcast (a process known as 'greenlighting').

Thanks again to Kate Bulkley for chairing the session and for inviting MediaSnackers to participate in the first place. Thanks also to Jon and James (see below) for being so open and hospitable and great speaking fellows.


Reproduced by kind permission of Chris Taylor.

Check out the online write-up by session chair, Kate Bulkley.

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