Project : Street Athletics

streetathleticsNow in its fourth year, the Street Athletics 2008 initiative enables thousands of young people to take part in races across the UK. MediaSnackers trained up sixteen young digital journalists (sponsored by Sony) and supported them covering over twenty events this summer.streetathleticssonymediacrew


The MediaSnackers team bought a whole new element to the Street Athletics project, providing the integral mechanism that we needed for pursuing our ideas for empowering young people in the world of digital media.

The initial training session was a great introduction to the project for the young people and an excellent ice breaker. This was well complimented by the support they received at the events.

It’s clear from the work they produced that they enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot from the project, so I look forward to working with MediaSnackers again in the near future to develop on what we’ve already achieved.
Gab Stone, Nuff Respect

Here’s to next years project…

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