Make Your Mark: Part Two


Film review.

(GBR) Make Your Mark have a great tagline of "inspiring young people to make their ideas happen."

MediaSnackers were honoured to deliver our youth professionals training for some of their staff a few days ago and here's a short film review.

Music Featured: Out While You Can by Ceri Collins

It's a big commitment for people to take two days out of their busy working lives for training; and to get comments back like "this was the best training I've ever had" just shows how much of a success the MediaSnackers training was. It worked because the Make Your Mark people spend their time connecting with and inspiring young people to be creative and learning how to harness social media to that goal has made a real difference to the success they feel they can have. Also, the training by DK and Mark was entertaining, thought-provoking, relevant and, most importantly, accessible to all levels and skill sets of the group. The impact is being felt already with real results coming in from the team at Make Your Mark. I couldn't recommend it more.
Bronwyn Kunhardt, Co-Founder, Polecat Ltd. (Make Your Mark affiliate)

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