CompTIA Keynote


Big speaking gig.

(GBR) Honoured to be opening the 5th Annual E2C Event in Brimingham today (organised by CompTIA) with a keynote talk about "the learner, the 21st century curriculum, the technology & you."

We are caught in the middle of a storm, and the old way of doing things will be swept away. This is the future—DK's method of delivery, interaction with the audience and quality of content is as good as I have seen for some time. We will certainly be working with DK again; to stay in touch with developments, we have to!
Matthew Poyiadgi, Vice President, CompTIA

MediaSnackers Speaking

MS Podcast#107 / Rezed Podcast#1


The hub for learning and virtual worlds podcast series.

(WORLD) This is the first RezEd podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

Larry Johnson is is Chief Executive Officer of the New Media Consortium (NMC), an international consortium of more than 200 world-class universities, colleges, museums, research centers, and technology companies dedicated to using new technologies to inspire, energize, stimulate, and support learning and creative expression. He is an acknowledged expert on the effective application of new media in many contexts, and has worked extensively to build common ground among museums and universities across North America and in more than a dozen other countries.

0.00—0.09 intros
0.21—2.05 Rik at Global Kids discusses what RezEd is all about
2.06—3.23 Shawna outlining what will be featured and opportunities to be involved
3.24—4.36 Barry and Amira discuss the news of interest starting with April 1st Congretional Hearing on Virtual Worlds
5.50—6.28 next steps
6.29—8.47 upcoming events for the RezEd community
8.48—9.01 any news or events can be submitted here
9.04—9.16 podcast interview with Larry Johnson (intro)
9.17—11.02 an overview on the 1st congress hearing
11.03—14.29 summary of Larrys statement
14.30—17.05 profound opportunities
17.06—20.22 the reaction from the Congress
20.23—23.01 the Horizon Reports
23.02—25.15 future trends featured in the Horizon Report
25.16—26.10 the future for the New Media Consortium (NMC)
26.11—26.43 outro

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Wiltshire Youth Services Staff Conference


Speaking gig.

(GBR) Speaking today at Wiltshires Youth Services Staff Conference.

Thank you for an insightful gig during our staff conference, on some of the possibilities for social media and web technolgy. It was educational for our understanding and will help frame the development of practice in this important strand of our work with young people.
Mark Hobbs-Shoulder, Quality & Development, Wiltshire Youth Development Service

MediaSnackers Speaking


A launch scuppered and a first inspired.

(GBR) As announced in our last email digest, we were getting ready to launch our One Youth Work Blogger Campaign this month—aiming to inspire the first UK-based statutory youth work blogger…

We've been busy putting together a short inspiring and provocative video complimented by a host of links, examples and "how-tos" (plus we were going to throw in a half price training sweetener for the first to take up the challenge).

Little did we know a previous speaking gig had already done the job…

Hilary Mason is Senior Manager for West Sussex Youth Service AND the first ever uk-based statutory youth worker blogging (podcast to come).

Take a minute to think about that…

Whatever sector or industry you are in imagine being the first person to be blogging (please pop over to her blog and leave an encouraging comment or two).

I've been challenging every youth service audience I get in front of with this for nearly a year now and knew if just one started more would follow leading to the sharing of good practice, open dialogue and reflective practice plus a more transparent face for a sector which usually doesn't get the credit it deserves.

And to prove the point, a few days behind Hilary is Dave Petrie, Youth Worker for Essex County Youth Services (who again MediaSnackers are doing some work with) with his blog.

NB: Wonder if this will get featured anywhere in the mainstream media…?

Check out the ‘ project’ page

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Make Your Mark: Part Four

Film review.

No matter how much we talk to colleagues about the grooviness of social media, it takes a MediaSnackers course to switch them on to it. People seek me afterwards to tell me how excited they are, how they ‘really get it now’ and how they’re going to use it in all sorts of ways, both in and out of work – which is great, because the more they use it the more social media punch we’ll have as a campaign. Here’s hoping that DK & the boys keep on rocking.
Dan McQuillan, Digital Guru, Make Your Mark Campaign

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University of Glamorgan


Back to back speaking gigs.

(GBR) The first speaking gig I can walk to and our first MediaSnackers session in Wales.

I'm keynoting a blended learning session today at the University of Glamorgan for educators in the region—focussing on young people, new media and technology.

DK provided the keynote speech for one of our blended learning in schools seminars. The audience comprised teachers from a number of local schools and to say that they were blown away is an understatement. DK engaged the audience immediately with an entertaining, yet challenging presentation about young people's attitudes to technology. The discussion that followed was lively and thought-provoking… and the time far too short. We'll definitely be inviting DK back for a follow-up session.
Catherine Naamani, Senior Lecturer in Blended Learning, University of Glamorgan

MediaSnackers Speaking

Halton Youth Voice Awards


First of two speaking gigs this week.

(GBR) Up North at Stobart Stadium Halton and the local youth services Youth Voice Awards—celebrating children and young peoples contribution to the design and delivery of services for them and the support of the staff that enable them to do so.

I'm delivering two talks (as they have two different parts to the event) on the changes in youth through social media and technology.

We asked DK from MediaSnackers to speak to children, young people, senior officers, and elected members at our VOICE Awards ceremony in April 2008. The topic was the future of participation and the VOICE of children and young people through the internet. His two presentations unfolded the link between participation and the social media networking activity of young people with clarity,  was pacey, and kept the audience of 700 people aged 8 to 68 engaged and thoughtful throughout. Thanks DK.
Dave Williams, Head of Halton Youth Service

MediaSnackers Speaking

The MediaSnackers Meme #9


Keeping track of the growing MediaSnackers Meme.

(WORLD) We probably weren't the first to apply the 'snacking' metaphor to media, although there seems to be a growing adoption in terms of describing the new youth-media landscape—we thought it would be good to keep an eye on the growing MediaSnacking meme:

I think there will always be a form of "dine in" networking, where we want the ambience and look and feel of that network for the mood it evokes. Same as going to the cinema perhaps—sure we can watch the movie at home, but the cinema meets OTHER needs. Aggregators meet the "take out" needs—quick catch up, fast food/media snacking.
Talking about aggregating social networking sites.
In today's widely cast media landscape, where "media snackers" graze on blogs and search results and news sites and other content that meets their specific interests, advertising needs to be less accidental and more intent based and heavily targeted. As media expands, consumers will hone the media they ingest with greater care, and advertising needs to do the same to reach people.
Discussing the next phase of advertising and marketing.
Essentially, the New York Times is using Twitter to make a river of news…headlines that are really useful on your cell phone. They look like appetizers on a tray. Hence the notion of a media snack.
In most cases if you do get people to your Web 1.0 site they have no real reason to stay. You are offering content with no substance, you are offering general content when people are looking for specific content and answers, you are offering old style communication, you are not paying attention to the new age of Media Snackers.
Thinking differently about competing for eyeballs online.
Media consumers, in growing numbers, are embracing the notion of "media snacking". Hundreds of millions of audio and video devices like iPhones, iPods, Zunes, PSP, Smart Phones, and Laptops are now in the marketplace empowering consumers with the ability to listen and view content when they want, where they want and how they want.
Why radio stations need a new digital strategy of operations.
The world is media snacking, getting their information in short bursts from cell phones, podcasts and RSS feeds. We decided that the physician, who really does have precious few minutes a day, is the perfect audience for short, succinct educational streaming videos. Our goal is to provide an engaging, interesting way for doctors to learn that quickly gets to the point.
The reasons behind launching an online Doctors Channel.

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Talk It Up Conference


2nd speaking gig this week.

(GBR) This time I'm down south in Woking at the Participation Works South East conference entitled 'Talk It Up'.

I'm honoured to be opening the conference as keynote speaker plus I will be taking two workshops exploring some digital platforms and tools for the delegates to take away and play with.

Having MediaSnackers at our event really brought us into the 21st century! DK’s presentation really opened my eyes to all the possibilities for improved engagement with young people, and most importantly that engagements being on their terms, using methods they are familiar with, can be of real benefit to organisations. The quality of the information was exemplary and presented in such a way so that delegates could ask realistic questions without feeling too ‘out of touch’. I would recommend MediaSnackers to anyone curious about social networking and technological approaches and how these can be embraced to improved the quality and range of youth participation.

Melanie Parr, South East Participation Network Coordinator

MediaSnackers Speaking

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