Digital Breadcrumbs


Follow them.

(GBR) One of our favourite mantras we throw around in our training is: follow the digital breadcrumbs.

If you find a weblog you like click through the blogroll, if you find someone bookmarking the same site you have check out the rest of their links etc. Here's a real life example:

MediaSnackers is on Twitter. We got an email this morning that someone new is following us. We checked out their twitter page and clicked through to their weblog to discover their role as the instructional technology facilitator for Lee County Schools, in North Carolina, USA.

After some more clicking and reading we found out some amazing examples of teachers using wikis, sending newsletters out via SlideShare plus a great post with a huge list of resources (most of which we haven't heard of before).

Follow the digital breadcrumbs folks and you never know what pearls you will find.

4 thoughts on “Digital Breadcrumbs”

  1. Saw DK at our library this morning for an inspirational talk. Fantastic!! I like the mantra ‘follow the digital breadcrumbs :)’ I have been doing this for years and have found it always inspirational, the only problem sometimes is the amount of time it takes picking up the crumbs lol! To me surfing the internet is like going on a journey, one exciting discovery after another.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment and the kind words – yes following the crumbs can take time away although just like anything, you get better with time ;-)

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