JuniorSenior Masterclass


Aiming to impress.

(NED) We’re at the fantastic Amsterdam headquarters of our lovely-European-youth-marketing partner, JuniorSenior—delivering an exlusive corporate masterclass for a select few brands and agencies.

We’ll be focussing on the latest developments and how easy it is for a brand to explore and utilise social media across online platforms.

The Social Media Masterclass was exactly what our clients needed. Well presented, to the point and easy to understand.

Ab Kuijer, CEO JuniorSenior

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5 thoughts on “JuniorSenior Masterclass”

  1. thanks bobbie… great time and clients, everyone loved the session there, looking forward to working with JuniorSenior again sometime :)

  2. Hey guys,

    Thnx again for coming to Amsterdam and inspire us all. Requests for Social Media trainings are coming in, so we’ll see you soon again!

    ceo JuniorSenior

  3. Hey, is it bad form to comment on the comments ? ;-) Seriously, if the objective was to whet my appetite… then I’m drenched. One day soon, count me in to. I’d like to be one of your sponges.
    A bientot,

    Tim Ellis
    MD JuniorSenior Direct

  4. Thanks for your comment Tim – need to ensure you’re on the ‘guest list’ for the next one then ;-)

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