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Another gig.

(JER) Whilst I’m on the island Jersey Youth Service have invited me in today to deliver a little masterclass for their staff.

Going to be fun as ever.

It felt like we were all blown away at the end of presentation with how much could be done and how far we had to go to get there…but slowly over the last few months people have been using mind mapping tools, using videos and mobile phones, thinking about how can we communicate this to the ‘create’ and ‘connect’ generation. We have a web based survey for all youth service users coming up during May, have set up an YS IT reference group to grapple with how to use all these ‘cool’ tools and are currently working our way through how we can best use social networking sites within the service…so we are still blown away but now we are also inspired!

Mark Renouf, Area Youth Officer

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2 thoughts on “Jersey Youth Service Masterclass”

  1. I was inspired and encouraged by such a positive presentation of what we (youth workers) can use the internet for……both for young people and their development but also our own as individual workers and as an organisation…….i couldnt wait to use and have produced in an evening mindmaps that would have taken me ages on powerpoint……

    i particularly liked the history part tracing developments since 1992 especially as my eldest daughter was born then and i can see how she has grown with the technology……(it should have been an interactive timeline i guess…..i know, i know at that point of the presentation we just weren’t ready for that level of funkiness !)

    i think it will start myself and the youth service in Jersey on a road to ‘connecting’ and ‘creating’ that will revolutionise how we engage young people and involve them in active decision making


  2. Really appreciate you taking your time to post your thoughts here Mark – really enjoyed my session with you guys and looking forward to seeing what’s going to come out of Jersey Youth Service in the coming months relating to social media :-)

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