The MediaSnackers podcast focusses on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us with their use of social media.

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#156 : SSG Dale Sweetnam, U.S. Army, in charge of the online and social media division.

#155 : Micah Baldwin, CEO of multi-device comic book store and reader with a social layer, Graphic.ly.

#154 : Guy Levine, CEO and owner of Return On Digital discussing ROI on investing in online marketing.

#153 : Nalden, uber-blogger from Amsterdam.

#152 : Julian Lim, Head of New Media for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

#151 : Jeffrey Hayzlett is Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Kodak.

#150 : Kieran Masterton, cofounder of OpenIndie.

#149 : Heather Oldani, Director of PR for McDonalds (USA) and colead on their digital strategy.

#148 / Rezed Podcast#45, FINAL podcast for the Rezed community.

#147 / Rezed Podcast#44, virtual platforms and how these platforms can be used as educational tools.

#146 : Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia.

#145 / Rezed Podcast#40, using World of Warcraft in education and other virtual gaming stuff.

#144 : Linda Raftree, exploring social media use in Africa.

#143 / Rezed Podcast#38, discussions detailing the uses and background of Project Wonderland plus a quick tour of Kidscom.com.

#142 : Milton Chen, chats with the Executive Director of The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

#141 / Rezed Podcast#35, featuring Thomas Malaby, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee plus Lou Ann Phillips of the National eXtension Initiative and Ron Festa at Rutgers University.

#140 : Andrew Davis, innovative school course on social media for students here in the UK.

#139 / Rezed Podcast#33, featuring Raph Koster plus Donna Stevens, Indiana University and Steven Caldwell, MLC school, Sydney.

#138 / Rezed Podcast#32, featuring Dan Hunter plus Peggy Sheehy and Darren Towers.

#137 / Rezed Podcast#31, featuring Constance Steinkuehler plus Mimi Ito and Henry Jenkins

#136 : Fiona Hooley, director of community operations for DeviantArt,the largest online art community.

#135 / Rezed Podcast#29 : Ted Taganami, vice president for business development for Smallworlds plus a roundtable discussion with representatives from four countries (Brazil, France, Turkey and Japan).

#134 : Andrew Vassallo, discussing the recently released European youth trend report from Trendwolves

#133 / Rezed Podcast#27 : Robin Harper, vice President of Marketing and Community Development for Second Life

#132 / Rezed Podcast#26 : Anne Collier, editor of NetFamilyNews talking here about the Internet Safety Technical Task Force Report.

#131 : Josh Shipp, one-man media machine who ‘slings’ advice for young people.

#130 / Rezed Podcast#25 : Brett Pierce, executive Director of Panwapa, a virtual world for 4 to 7 year olds.

#129 / Rezed Podcast#24 : Nic Mitham, Nic Mitham is the CEO and Founder of Kzero, a virtual world consultancy based in the UK.

#128 / Rezed Podcast#23 : Aaron Walsh, director of the Media Grid and Immersive Education Initiative.

#127 / Rezed Podcast#22 : Frank Whiting, dean of the University of There

#126 / Rezed#21 : Jackie Marsh, discussing a paper centered around children aged 5 to 11 and their use of Club Penguin.

#125 / Rezed#20 : Deborah Fields, study of Whyville and it’s uses.

#124 / Rezed#19 : Ryan Clemens, discussions around the use of Google’s virtual world.

#123 / Rezed#18 : YALSA, joint special with Young Adult Library Services Association.

#122 / Rezed#17 : Amanda Lenhart, discussing an exciting new Pew Internet & American Life Project report titled, Teens, Video Games and Civics.

#121 / Rezed#15 : Dizzywood, using the virtual platform in an educational setting.

#120 / Rezed#14 : Sarah Robbins, discussing the trends, challenges, and impact of using virtual platforms in learning.

#119 / Rezed#13 : Jonathon Richter, discussing the forthcoming Second Life Education Community Conference.

#118 : Simon Bennet, socially responsible video games.

#117 / Rezed#12 : Dr James Paul Gee, big time expert in the academic field of gaming and learning.

#116 / Rezed#11: The Lawleys, mother and son talk about their experience and focus on virtual worlds.

#115 / Rezed#9: Donna Stevens, implementing Quest Atlantis as it relates to teacher trainings, the students and the classroom.

#114: Evan Baden. amazing photographs exploring the relationship between youth and technology.

#113 / Rezed #7: Jeremy W. Kemp, an instructional designer at San Jose State University who has been teaching online since 1999.

#112 / Rezed #6: Tracy Rebe, assistant Principal at High School for Global Citizenship, discussing the Science through Second Life Program.

#111 / Rezed #4: Linda Burch, chief Education and Strategy Officer for Common Sense Media.

#110 / Rezed #3: Peggy Sheehy, first educator to use Second Life in the classroom.

#109: Hilary Mason, introducing the first ever uk-based statutory youth worker blogging.

#108 / Rezed #2 : Sasha Barab, associate Professor in Learning Sciences, IST and Cognitive Science at Indiana University.

#107 / Rezed #1 : Larry Johnson, CEO of the international New Media Consortium.

#106: Kate Dean, head of television for BT Vision.

#105: David Sasaki, Director of Rising Voices-an outreach arm of the Global Voices project.

#104: Idit Caperton, founder of MaMaMedia and creator of the Globaloria Program.

#103: Matt Locke, commissioning editor for Channel 4 Education.

#102: Brad Jefferson, Co-founder of fantastic video/slideshow site, Animoto.

#101: Donna Myrow, founder of LA Youth, a twenty year old print newspaper.

#100: DK, to relaunch the series MediaSnackers founder, DK got interviewed.

#99: Dr Jo Kleeb, research Fellow discussing a ‘youth connectedness’ longitudinal study.

#98: Dan Sutch, mobile Learning with Learning Researcher at FutureLab.

#97: Cathy Davidson, discussing the new $2 million Digital Media and Learning Competition.

#96: Antonio Lopez, media literacy educator for native groups of young people.

#95: Sophie Livingstone, head of Policy and Communications for homeless charity, Foyer, discussing the ten new media centres they are developing for homeless young people.

#94: Lynette Webb, creator of the Interesting Snippets flickr photoset plus the site of the same name.

#93: Steve Moss, strategic Director for ICT in the Building Schools for the Future programme.

#92: Ethan Bodnar, 17 year old blogger, entrepreneur and graphic designer from Connecticut, USA.

#91: Agnes Nairn, a UK academic researcher and writer in the field of children and marketing and also one of the authors of Watching, Wanting, Wellbeing: exploring the links.

#90: Rushton Hurley, founder of the non-profit online video resource for educators called Next Vista.

#89: John Weekes, our fifth DesignShare and MediaSnackers podcast sees us chatting with school designer/architect, John Weekes.

#88: Ken Robinson, internationally-renowned expert in the field of creativity and innovation for business and education.

#87: Méabh Mc Mahon, presenter of Europocket TV, an online television daily show focussed on European politics and culture.

#86: Stephen Heppell, passionate and insightful plus one of the world’s leading online education and technology experts.

#85: Alan November, fourth DesignShare and MediaSnackers podast sees us talking to education and emerging technology expert, Alan November.

#84: Claire Easterman, mobile advice project recently launched by YouthNet.

#83: Ab Kuijer, CEO of euro-youth marketing business, JuniorSenior and joins us to talk about the impact new media and technology has on marketing to young people.

#82: Barbara Diamond, third DesignShare and MediaSnackers podcast sees us talking to Senior Advisor to the Knowledge Works Foundation, Barbara Diamond.

#81: Christopher Sessums, second DesignShare and MediaSnackers podcast talks to Director of Distance Education at University of Florida.

#80: Raya Ribbius, project officer for the theoneminutesjr.org project.

#79: Chris Lehmann, first DesignShare and MediaSnackers prodcast sees us talking to the Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.

#78: Shahrez Khan, project coordinator for a PeaceChild magazine project called Faith in Europe.

#77: Dave Hancock, head of Education and Volunteering for BT, talking about thier education and youth programmes.

#76: Katie Simpson, head of Youth Media for the Media Trust talking about their new youth focus.

#75: Michael Furdyk, co-founder of TakingITGlobal, a massive global online youth community for social change.

#74: Henry Giroux, global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

#73: Anastasia Goodstein, author of Totally Wired, an adults guide to what kids are really doing online.

#72: Joshua Boltuch, a music-focussed social networking site with a totally different music sales/revenue model.

#71: Sue Lawther, exploring an amazing portable media lab and its use in regeneration.

#70: Pukul Rana, an intercultural British Councils youth project called Reach Out.

#69: Selene Biffi, founder of Youth Action For Change whose main aim is to inspire and help young people empower themselves.

#68: Noah Kagan, ex-Facebook employee and online community expert.

#67: Christian Long, CEO of DesignShare, focussed on school design and the future of learning.

#66: Alice Cahn, Head of Acquisitions and Development for Cartoon Network in the US.

#65: Ken Ikeda, Executive Director of BAVC a nonprofit independent media arts center in San Francisco, CA.

#64: Jim ‘Sky’ Schuyler, Chief Technology Officer for the Dalai Lama Foundation, discussing the Project Happiness project.

#63: Hannah Green, Head of the families programme at DEMOS co-authors of Their Space: Education for a digital generation.

#62: David Buckingham, Professor of Education at the Institute of Education, London University and founder / director of the Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media.

#61: Micheal Birch, co-founder of popular youth social networking site Bebo.

#60: Sanjay Asthana, author of the research study, Innovative Practices of Youth Participation in Media.

#59: Lord Clement-Jones, Lib Dem spokesperson in the House of Lords for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

#58: Mena Trott, President and a co-founder of Six Apart who recently launched the new blogging platform Vox in October.

#57: Emmi Kuusikko, from the corporation who runs Habbo Hotle comes a discussion about their global youth survey.

#56: Dylan, face of Dylans Couch, a typical 13 year old with a great video podcast.

#55: Anna Home, Anna Home OBE is the Chief Executive of the Children’s Film and Television Foundation and also is the chair for Save Kids TV campaign.

#54: Henry Jenkins, founder of Comparative Media Studies at MIT and author of Convergence Culture.

#53: Denise Hastings, CitizenShift is a platform providing media for social change.

#52: Barry Joseph and Rafi Santos, new media from the progressive organisation, Global Kids.

#51: Greg Davies, station controller of broadband TV youth station.

#50: Chris Seth, MD of Piczo for Europe and the UK.

#49: Zadi Diaz, presenter/producer of Jet Set Show.

#48: Ezra Cooperstein, director of viewer created content for CurrentTV.

#47: Martin Skitsel, co-founder of music social networking site.

#46: Matt Britton, co-founder of marketing agency Mr Youth.

#45: Jake Fisher, 17 year old co-founder of podcasting hosting platform.

#44: John Poisson, new mobile photo-sharing platform.

#43: Stuart Dredge, the mobile platform industry.

#42: Rob Williams, media education consultant in Vermont.

#41: Michael Hay, a Youth Programmes manager for a community television project.

#40: Chris Schuepp, youth media consultant focussed on Europe and Central Asia.

#39: Craig Goodwill, mobile youth film festival.

#38: Matt Gullett, creating in libraries.

#37: Lyn Blagbrough, mobile TV from a kids perspective.

#36: David Kleeman, focussing on US children’s media.

#35: Roashan and Nic, a small after-school media project in Marin, California.

#34: Karen Cirillo and Blue Chevigny, Unicef discusses their use of new/old media.

#33: Anthony Utley, focussing on children’s television production.

#32: Ross Dawson, taking a look at global media trends/future.

#31: Ewan McIntosh, the role technology has to play in the Scottish education system.

#30: Benjamin Stokes, ‘serious games’ with Co-Director from Games for Change.

#29: Jay Goss, Chief Operating Officer for virtual world, Whyville.

#28: Mohammad and Sophie from YouthNet, discussion around a new report on youth portrayal in media.

#27: Simon Goodrich, film festival for portable devices.

#26: Grant Cathro, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#25: Richard Langridge, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#24: Rachel Murrell, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#23: Claire Fox, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#22: Madeline Wiltshire, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#21: Estelle Hughes, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#20: Kate Bulkley, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#19: Sarah Baynes, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#18: Greg Childs (again but different), blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#17: Richard Simpson, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#16: Vaugh Wiles, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#15: Rani Singh, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#14: Tessa Alps, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#13: Nigel Mitchell, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#12: John Bullivant, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#11: Karen Vermeulen, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#10: Oliver Ellis, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#9: David Kleeman, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#8: Carla Dejong, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#7: Elaine Sperber, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#6: Juliet Roberts, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#5: Barbara Slade, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#4: Greg Childs, blogging from the Showcomotion Conference.

#3: Tim Donovan, new social networking site for tweens.

#2: Chris Lehmann, exploring technology and education.

#1: Yarrow Craner, the MediaSnackers podcast is launched!

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