BT Expedite


Masterclass time.

(GBR) At the very swanky Hellidon Lakes Hotel Golf and Country Club in Daventry delivering a two masterclass sessions at the BT Expedite Retail Client Conference 09.

Here’s the full conference itinerary.

MediaSnackers make social media real and exciting, DK and the team display an infectious and profound knowledge of the on-line world.

After an hour or so with DK, even the most fearful technology laggard will be blogging, tweeting and interacting with the other half of the planet who now live blended virtual and real lives.

And you’ll also be doing your business a favour too—Mediasnackers shows that most of the tools you need are no-cost or low-cost.

Gerald Maidment, Head of Marketing, BT Expedite and BT Fresca

MediaSnackers Speaking/Masterclass

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