Our approach used to focus on giving clients the knowledge and skills to use social media rather than doing it for them. It’s more sustainable and cheaper in the long run (as you're not buying in services every time you need something done).

With a pedigree of working with a cross-sector group of organisations & companies from broadcasters to youth services, brands to music venues, councils to marketing agencies (for a better flavour of the types of folks we’ve worked with check out our clients page).

We started in 2006 and the MS family included : DK, Mark, Lee, Matt, Barney, Bobbie, Guy, Jess and Emily.


DKDK | Founding Director, Trainer, Speaker

Hey there, I’m DK, the founder of MediaSnackers—nice to e-meet you.

MediaSnackers was a term I coined back in early 2006 whilst describing what young people were doing with media—the site was launched a few months later in June.

I have an educational background in communications and media, plus a professional background in local government (I was the UK’s first and only Corporate Youth Officer… oooh!).

MediaSnackers used to keep me off the streets.

Follow my new adventures on justadandak.com.

(The DK comes from the initials of my old name. One of the first young people I started working with called me DK and it just stuck—I never liked my old name so I changed it through ‘common law’ and adopted it fully.)

Mark | Training Director, Designer, Trainer

Hi there, I’m Mark Mapstone.

I have been working with DK since the beginning, and have a background in Web Design and Development. My primary role is to look after the visual creative stuff, as well as take some lovely photos, deliver training and assist in all MediaSnackers operations.

Having worked with the local council as a volunteer youth worker for a number of years, it has allowed me to stay up to date with conversations and trends of young people and use that knowledge gained to influence the direction of our training packages.

To work with MediaSnackers is a bit of a (cliché warning) dream come true. I am able to travel about teaching people fun new ways of working which inspire and empower adults and young people to start their own projects. Plus I get to keep on top of all the new things that are happening online in the process.

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leeLee | Numbers Supremo

Hi, I’m Lee.

The proverbial jack of all trades.

Financials, web programmer, data analyst, researcher, project manager, plasterer, bike mechanic, barman.

If you can hum it I can play it.

mattMatt | Cultural Bod

Hello. I’m Matt, tallest of the MediaSnackers family.

I have a background in local authority community arts development and worked with DK in Somerset before a long tenure at Arts Council England in Birmingham. As the first lead officer for participation I developed cross sector partnerships and specialised in social inclusion, youth arts, youth justice and child protection.

In terms of MediaSnackers, I help apply the benefits of social media to social policy areas, especially those involving the arts and cultural sectors. I have an especial interest in working with venues to develop rich and dynamic virtual profiles to compliment actual operations and develop communities.

bobbieBobbie | Trainer

Hello! I’m Bobbie.

I have worked as an educator in various fields for 6 years—music, ESOL/EFL and now social media. I have project managed several community workshops and assisted in various commercial and local council youth music projects.

I love it when the people I work with are able to realise their true potential—and leave beaming with toothy smiles!

I am very excited to work for da Snackerz and hope to kick many a butt (not participants mind you) with fun social media sessions.

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jessJess | Youth Liaison

I’m Jess and I’m a first year studying English at Royal Holloway. I got talking to DK after working as an intern at Media Trust doing some background research. I’ve previously been an intern at CBBC working in Entertainment Development and I’ve also completed research for up-and-coming youth e-magazine Angalossy. I love music, writing, Facebook, shopping and being a radio DJ!

When I grow up I want to be a music journalist or DK.

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emilyEmily wil be posting here and also developing some other stuff as well.

She won’t be doing any filing, tea-making or picking up of dry-cleaning—we have however given her a badge which reads, ‘Youth Liaison Officer’…

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barneyWe are honoured to be able to introduce and welcome Barney to the MediaSnackers family.

Barney is a fantastic guy and has already provided credible insights to our operations. He has an amazing pedigree and will be developing our education strategy (something we have been wanting to do for a while but held off to be sure we have the right individual steering us true).

More exciting times ahead…

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MediaSnackers is currently in 'permanent pause' mode—check out justadandak.com where most of the juicy action is at nowadays!