Halton Youth Voice Awards


First of two speaking gigs this week.

(GBR) Up North at Stobart Stadium Halton and the local youth services Youth Voice Awards—celebrating children and young peoples contribution to the design and delivery of services for them and the support of the staff that enable them to do so.

I'm delivering two talks (as they have two different parts to the event) on the changes in youth through social media and technology.

We asked DK from MediaSnackers to speak to children, young people, senior officers, and elected members at our VOICE Awards ceremony in April 2008. The topic was the future of participation and the VOICE of children and young people through the internet. His two presentations unfolded the link between participation and the social media networking activity of young people with clarity,  was pacey, and kept the audience of 700 people aged 8 to 68 engaged and thoughtful throughout. Thanks DK.
Dave Williams, Head of Halton Youth Service

MediaSnackers Speaking

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