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NZ gig 5 & 6.

(NZL) Today I've been invited to deliver two sessions for/at Palmerston North Library.

The first is a overarching presentation introducing and exploring social media and the second is a focussed masterclass for the internal website development team.

You certainly lived up to your manifesto: 'Everything we do must kick ass!' Your presentation was fun, powerful, inspiring and riveting. Someone commented that they had never seen our staff that worked-up and animated before!  On the strength of your talk today and the excitement it has generated amongst staff, I managed to get our management team's support for us to proceed with all the cool things we’ve been wanting to do.

Leith Haarhoff, Head of Information Services, Palmerston North City Library

MediaSnackers Speaking/Masterclass

8 thoughts on “Palmy North Library”

  1. Thanks DK, awesome stuff. Very excited conversations in the lift about how we can get the process out there.

  2. Hey thanks for coming. Heaps of ideas buzzing round my head… so much we can do… now we just need to do them!

  3. Thanks for coming to share an easy to follow presentation! There are some exciting ideas!!! :-)

  4. Really appreciate the kind comments guys – was a pleasure to work with you guys and can’t wait to see what you do with this social media stuff :-)

  5. Kia ora DK,
    Wow, it’s going to happen!
    At PalmyNorthLibrary we are going to have a relax, play and create month where we can all play (oops, I mean work really hard) on web 2.0 stuff.
    So watch this space – sometime soon you’ll be using us as a case study.
    Thanks for inspiring us all.
    P.S. Enjoy Martinborough!

  6. You rode into our space, seduced those present with your passion, humour, and competence; and have left us with a large number of people wanting to play for a month!
    Great session – many thanks for provoking us to wake up. We’ll take up the challenge.
    Best wishes for you and those at Mediasnackers into the future. It is important work educating people to take power into their own hands rather than rely on the mass media.All power to you all.
    Look forward to returning some time in the future.

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