e-skills Diploma in IT Launch


New course for the UK.

(GBR) At the launch of the Diploma In IT.

Steve Moore from Policy Unplugged introduced the day explaining the first half would be presentations and panel discussion then the second half will be an ‘unconference’ session.

Gareth Cadwalladar, Diploma Director for the new course talked about the evolution and development of said course. Lots of input from the industry and employment sector. Talked about what they wanted from school leavers and graduates. Gareth talked through the options available for the programme curriculum.

John Higging, Director General for Intellect UK representing the IT industry. Talked about what skills IT companies are looking for in the workplace and their expectations. Made the point that we have to focus on creatin gthe ‘best students’ as all markets are global.

Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor (New Media) Channel 4 Education, talking about something we like—the pace of change to the whole media infrasctructure and architecture. Touched on mash-ups and ‘hack’ events—creativity, social networking (live and virtual) and low barriers of entry has been the driver of all this change. Pooling talent for specific projects like games—individual at the center of a network with contacts . Touched on ‘passion’ in learning—MediaSnackers likes Matt!

MediaSnackers then delivered a short presentation on the the new media and technology landscape young people are immersed in. It was a fun event and we’ll be watching closely the evolution of the course and its adoption into the curriculum.

It was crucial to have an understanding of the new media landscape the new Diploma will operate in and DK certainly covered covered all the bases with his presentation. It added context and fun to the event – thank you.
Steve Moore, Channel 4 Consultant

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