Laurea University Lecture / Consulting

Finland gigs

(FIN) Today I'm crossing another country off my list and delivering a couple of gigs at Laurea University, Finland.

I have the honour of presenting a lecture to a several groups of students and their professors on the impact of social media. Then in the afternoon I'll be working with the internal marketing team on thier specific use of social media and the opportunities it affords.

Thank you for delivering us an interesting and inspiring presentation and discussion afternoon on social media. The event was very successful one with about 60 participants varying from students to teachers and other Laurea’s staff. All the feedback I have received afterwards has been highly positive. I can strongly recommend you for any organisation and hopefully we will have a chance to use your services again the
future. All in all, a very thorough and professional day but with a refreshing approach.

Susanna Ba, Project Planner, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

MediaSnackers Consulting and Speaking/Masterclass

Multiplatform Symposium 2010

A local speaking gig

(WAL) This morning I'm literally down the road from where I live and speaking at the Multiplatform Symposium 2010 event for creative industries in Wales, organised by Cyfle.

My role will be to introduce and explore how social media fits into all this.

Cyfle would like to say a big thanks to DK for being a fantastic speaker at our event. The audience response to the session has been very positive, they certainly learnt a lot of new things and enjoyed the opportunity to network and chat about how social media could be much more than just a hobby. Looking forward to working with MediaSnackers again in future.

Rhian Brewster, Training and Marketing Coordinator

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MediaSnackers Speaking/Masterclass

MS Podcast#151

Kodak and social media

(WORLD) The MediaSnackers podcast focusses on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us and which are crying out for more discussion.

Jeffrey Hayzlett is Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Kodak, discussing how they utilise social media in their operations.

0.00—0.32 intro
0.33—1.03 how does social media fit in with the marketing plans of Kodak
1.04—2.09 shift of approach from traditional to digital
2.10—3.03 benefits of narrowcast vs broadcast
3.04—4.29 social media killed B2B
4.30—6.45 internal use of social media
6.46—8.26 examples of results relating to social media use
8.27—9.03 outsourcing social media
9.04—10.03 future
10.04—10.16 outro

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The Change Business

What we really sell

(WORLD) We don't deal in social media.


It's not the thing we focus on.

Sure our tagline says "We're the go-to guys for companies and organisations who want to understand & effectively use social media"… pretty snazzy, eh? But here's the big fat dirty truth :

We're in the change business not the social media business.

Social media is the range of tools we use to create benefit and value—to make things cheaper, quicker, better.

Like Bowie said, turn and face the strain guys—because it is a strain. Change is the hardest thing hardest thing to create and to peddle (but it's the only thing that matters).

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