Proper Clever : Part One


New creative consulting gig.

(WORLD) Matt, Bobbie and I are up in Liverpool visiting the Everyman and Playhouse theatre and arts venue to begin an exciting two month piece of work to explore the use of social media in Proper Clever, a new production for their youth audience.

Here's the production blurb:

Claire and her gang are proper clever… and they know it. They're friends… .and they're sure of it. They're watching from the sidelines… and they have a plan. Then Bex, stumbles into their virtual world. Sad and desperate she's the perfect test for their experiment, one that will bring down the most popular girl in school.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce writer of 24 Hour Party People, Millions and Cosmic brings us a multimedia story for the myspace generation about clever versus smart and how to satisfy the hunger for knowledge when everyone's eating burger and chips.

The production has a a run of three weeks (3 October—25 October) and we've already have some tasty ideas although today we're meeting with all the team making it happen from the set designers, cast, marketing team, outreach/community workers plus the Director and Writer to ensure we understand all aspects of the said production.

We'll keep you up to date with project over the coming weeks.

View the ‘Proper Clever’ project page

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