Talk It Up Conference


2nd speaking gig this week.

(GBR) This time I'm down south in Woking at the Participation Works South East conference entitled 'Talk It Up'.

I'm honoured to be opening the conference as keynote speaker plus I will be taking two workshops exploring some digital platforms and tools for the delegates to take away and play with.

Having MediaSnackers at our event really brought us into the 21st century! DK’s presentation really opened my eyes to all the possibilities for improved engagement with young people, and most importantly that engagements being on their terms, using methods they are familiar with, can be of real benefit to organisations. The quality of the information was exemplary and presented in such a way so that delegates could ask realistic questions without feeling too ‘out of touch’. I would recommend MediaSnackers to anyone curious about social networking and technological approaches and how these can be embraced to improved the quality and range of youth participation.

Melanie Parr, South East Participation Network Coordinator

MediaSnackers Speaking

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